Free Report About Marketing Plan Of Yummy Pub Co


Microenvironment Analysis

Company Analysis
Yummy Pub Group is one of the most famous coffee bars based in England. The restaurant used to focus on serving locally sourced ingredients as well as made such products on the roof building such as fresh eggs, strawberries, runner beans and edible flowers (Aminattaheri, Sorooshian and Aghabakhshi, 2013). Yummy Pub Co mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit. Yummy Pub Co primary product line is very company is very limited as it gives individual to rethink where they are going to spend their next $4. The advantage of Yummy Pub Co is that theircustomers are opting to brew coffee in their homes too (Costa, 2010).


Yummy Pub Co has launched the major advertising campaign which essentially focuses on customer satisfaction. The company encourages online fans to share their stories and personal experiences to make their consumers feel devoted towards the company (Zanoni, 2012).


The company has failed to understand what its customer wanted and didn’t take the consumers requirements into account when designing their stores and new drinks.


The social media campaigns constructed to build consumers relationships with the company which is found as more effective as compare to any other marketing campaign. Their selling products have the potential to join with other food brands with the intention to generate more pocket responsive products to expand their company (Du, 2013)


Their consumers spend more on brands rather than on necessities. The company has failed to understand its implications of economic downturn. The other coffee shops are keeping their customers away from their unique coffee flavor (BELEW, 2011).

Competitors Analysis

Mestizo and Skylight Café are the two companies operating their business around the Kings cross station near the Somerstown. There are many competitors of Yummy Pub Co in which two of them are Mestizo and Skylight Cafe. They used to serve high quality coffee and products at available locations and affordable prices (Cohall and Resnick, 2011). These two companies have the highest market share and are ranked lowest in its services.
The strategy of positioning by Mestizo and Skylight Café is to keep their positioning remain spirited for example they are Italian Coffee Masters. Their name signifies excellence, perfection and luxury all around the Kings cross station near Somerstown (The Yummy Pub Co, 2014). They use finest ingredients that help them to create the range of delicious food. They use seasonal specialties like cheese and ham Panini or chocolate muffin that turn the taste of coffee into very scrumptious one. The Mestizo Restaurant has become a star performer with the rising share price by 1.2% to £44.50 whereas 37.6% of its market share based on turnover. According to Blythe (2006), Mestizo has 18% and Skylight Cafe has 12% of the market share. The marketing programs gave opportunities in U.A.E and Turkey where the Skylight Café chooses the music and thinks that music will be a marketing strategy that can give benefit to the coffee shop (Funk, 2013).

Customer Analysis

Yummy Pub Co has the highest customer base in the United Kingdom markets as it owns a high number of customers. Business and elderly individuals are the highest frequenters in the Yummy Pub Co because they usually find its environment good and relax (Hill, 2007). Youths and teenagers are more keyed up but find place a bit deliberate for them. Customers are loyal and aware of the brand and used to buy coffee and other products which can satisfy them greatly. At each visit customer takes one cup of coffee (Coen, 2009).
Customers have the chance to suggest songs they would like to hear to the music team. The segment creates sub-sets and refers to the division of a market during product differentiation. Yummy Pub Co has two main market segments specifically food and coffee items. Customers continue with extra pounds to support coffee habits that correspond to something more complex than simply purchasing a brew in the morning. In Yummy Pub Co, customers feel contented as they used to provide seven kinds of coffee which are blended together in an Italian style. Customer usually buys coffee in the morning timings and found its food light this shows that culture and philosophy of the corporation is based upon the customer satisfaction. Yummy Pub Co also offers food items to its customers that can be seen as an adjunct to the coffee.


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