Free Case Study On Crisis


Question 1

Barton should answer the questions with the analysts with a sober mind. He should ensure that they do not take the current situation. He should ensure that the analysts do not get the situation that is happening on the ground now. He should try to shed a good picture of the company and that the share price is set to grow further. He will be asked to tell the expected growth rate in the following months. He will also be asked to tell the secret of the phenomenal growth. There will also be questions regarding its competitive advantage. Theanalysts will also want to know the technologies that they are using in the company. They will also want to know how security is handled in the company. Barton might say that they have installed technologies that will help them handle security matters. He will also say that the company systems are not in place and they have everything under control.

Question 2

Recovery procedures are poorly structured because a plan has not been set up that will handle recovery in the company. There has not been any structure and policy regarding disaster recovery. This issue has not been given the attention it demands. There is no policy that has been put up in the company. This is the reason as to why recovery structure has is poorly done.

Question 3

A company should shut down all its IT systems if they have put in place a parallel system that will handle the processes. This is the reason there should be a parallel system that will be used to handle emergencies. This will help to undertake the processes when the other IT systems have failed. It can also be shut down when there is a manual system that will handle the processes.

Question 4

The legal exposure that the company has in such situation is accessibility to information. The website is blocked and there is no flow of information. The clients can be sued for lack of accessibility to the company through the internet.

Question 5

Barton should have asked the call from his team. It helped him get prepared with someone in the panel who might have heard what is happening. He could not be found without any knowledge. It helped him to answer questions knowing what has happened and know what not to say.