Free Canada And International Business Report Example


About 100 Canadian firms have developed their business in Japan (Ciuriak). Due to the importance of the investment and business relationship between the two nations, Canada and Japan are as of now moving in the direction of a financial organization agreement. Investment, infrastructure, technology and labor are the factors affecting productivity in Japan. Various firms including CAE Inc. and Canadian Solar Inc. are working successfully in Japan (Ciuriak). CAE a worldwide pioneer which provides training solutions went into a partnership with Japan Airlines Co. Ltd. (JAL) to set up a combined training campus for pilots from Japanese, and also,from rest of Asia (Ciuriak).
CAE is a cutting edge Canadian training center for Aeronautical Engineering in Japan. CAE with helpful environment, capable staff, and versatile instruments offer globally perceived degree programs for seeking after advanced education and examination objectives in Aerospace Engineering. CAE has been successfully flourishing in Japan because CAE has its customized preparation and assessment frameworks for Japanese Pilots. CAE spearheaded the semester framework in Japan with relatively evaluating focused around dynamic assessment framework Canadian Solar Inc. is one of the world’s biggest solar power based organizations. Canadian Solar declares the opening of two extra business operation facilities to provide services to four geographic areas in the country. The reason their success in Japanese market is that Japanese business society is diverse as compared to other countries, which allows different businesses to grow. Indeed, certain parts of Japan’s business society are exceptionally gainful for Canadian organizations including, mainly, the steady and trusted long term relations (Ciuriak).
Canadian airlines have been the most prevailed and successful industries in Japan. Canadian airlines lay among the most flourishing Canadian companies in Japan. The reason for its success in Japan is the capacity to adjust to changes according to Canadian organization’s survivability. Yet extreme broadening coupled with a lot of consideration committed to new business thoughts starved this organization’s center business system. An alternate reason behind their accomplishment in Japan is that Japan’s work business sector model stands separated from that of different nations by the significance it puts on vocation, which it looks to ensure forever, while keeping up a high level of pay adaptability. Among others, this has offered climb to an arrangement of organization exchange unions not seen somewhere else and has prompted a circumstance in which the unemployment rate is not especially applicable as a variable. By and large, losing one’s occupation in an association of this kind, more than somewhere else brings about a passageway from the working populace (Ciuriak).
Japan is famous for numerous products including parts of cars, hardware, electronic machines and clocks. These products have a competitive advantage; Japan is the first manufacturer of electronic items and has gained trusted of foreign countries; Honda Japan is the largest producer of cars. The past few years have given a significant economic productivity growth in Japan and the impressive catching-up of Japan since after a break which rose in the 1990s (Ciuriak). Many factors including technology, labor, proximity to resources, affects the productivity of companies in Japan. The success of Canadian companies in Japanese business sectors reflect the complementary developments during the various periods of past decade, related with oscillating contributions of labor productivity, capital expansion and technology, which are the major factors affecting current productivity of Japan (Ciuriak). Japan provides cheap labor to industries; therefore, many countries including Canada are always willing to set up a part of their business in Japan (Ciuriak).

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