Fast Food as the Biggest Reason of Child Obesity in United States


Why is the United States number one in the percentile of obesity? We are not to blame parents which feed their kids fast food, but the restaurants for being the easy way out. That is how society works in the U.S. Many buy fast food even though they have the ingredients to make a homemade meal. Fast food restaurants have changed us and not a lot of people see that. Fast food harms our bodies and have become the top places for people to go eat too. Fast food should be discontinued because it’s harmful to our bodies, clueless parents, and its convenience makes it dangerous.

Fast food should be discontinued because it is unhealthy to the body. Dr. Lisa Young, an internationally known nutritionist, not only talks about how bad fast food is for you, but what outcomes it could have. Young argues “Frequent consumption of fast-food may contribute to a diet of poor quality, which may raise a user’s risk for overweight and chronic diseases that are diet-related.” Not only is fast food bad for us, but it can cause serious diseases too. As time passes, the obesity rate will keep increasing not only for adults, but especially for kids. Sarah Muntel an RD, talks about how fast food is a cause for obesity increasing. Muntel argues “Obesity can be caused by a combination of fast food and the environment people live in today.” Not only this, but obesity numbers will keep increasing because of people choosing fast unhealthy food and fast food restaurants will keep expanding also.

Food from other restaurants varies from fast food because of the slow cooking process to make it right. Fast food has very high levels of calories and really low in nutrition. We can’t be 100 % sure what else is put in the food that’s given to us when we buy it from fast food restaurants. The ingredients they add to the food is what is causing food borne diseases. We as consumers don’t know what’s happening in the back when they’re making the food. We can’t be sure if the meat was well processed or if the vegetables were washed before being served. The cause of diseases and not knowing what’s in our food specifically makes us re-think if fast food should still be a choice for us. If fast food restaurants keep increasing year by year so will the obesity numbers. Will we change if we take fast food restaurants away? Rather than take fast food away we should try to change our eating habits. We have to change not only the way we eat, but also our own mind sets. Taking away fast food restaurants will be one way to start the change and get that temptation out of our minds. By taking fast food restaurants we can change our eating habits and be healthier.

Parents have to show their kids better eating habits to expect change. Debi Gissoni, a health & wellness expert talks about how parents raised their kids and they’re the ones showing them wrong from right. Gissoni argues “There’s a reason why children live with parents until they become adults. They aren’t capable of taking care of themselves.” If parents have to put rules to help their kids not be lazy to eat healthy food, it would make a change. “We could have sat in front of the TV eating TV dinners all day, but we didn’t. We didn’t because it wasn’t allowed. There were rules and boundaries set by our parents that prohibited laziness and bad eating.” (Gissoni) If rules can be applied to a child to help them eat better and parents showing the right way to eat, it would decrease the number of obese children.

Parents feed their kids fast food regularly and don’t realize what they’re doing. Not only is unhealthy to a child, but their teaching them it’s a good choice. Children don’t know what’s good for one as long as it taste good. Parents have to step up and teach their kids how much an orange can benefit more than some small fries. Parents have to make more homemade food than go out. Homemade food is way better because of the slow cook process to make it and you actually know what’s being put in the food. We have to inform those “clueless” parents about what bad food choices can do to their kids.

Fast food is really convenient, but it’s one of the most dangerous things we do to ourselves. One could see how fast food has its benefit even when there’s no time to cook. Also the price of fast food is really cheap and we get a lot of things. Price and time are the reasons why we choose fast food. People are really overcommitted and don’t plan out time to prepare meals. It’s obvious that there’s no other faster way to satisfy your stomach, but what is the price to pay once you keep doing this repeatedly. Kristin Kirkpatrick, a R.D, says that “A new study, published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, indicates that damage to the arteries occurs almost immediately after just one — that’s right, one — junk food-type meal.” She talks about how just by eating once in fast food, you can already be affecting your body without knowing it. Eating fast food almost every day is ridiculous. Eating it at least once a week is not too bad compare to those people who eat it breakfast and night. Food-borne diseases are real and fast food could cause this because of bad meat or another ingredient that has a disease. People today are becoming addicted to fast food without realizing the effects.

People can agree with my paper or disagree from it. I can see that fast food is also a great benefit for busy people especially. Fast food contributes more to people that don’t have time and are looking for something cheap. One can see how fast food makes are lives easier like that, but do people actually have a clue what affects it has to the body? You don’t want to feed your stomach “toxic” food and expect your body to function normally. Fast food has its benefits, but it’s something people might want to rethink before doing.

One could see how fast food restaurants have affected our lives and how it damages not only us, but the children too. Food borne diseases are real and we have to make sure kids learn what’s wrong from right. Restaurants should encourage eating healthier food and sell better food. Fast food is good for eating a quick bite, but is has so many effects in your body. The health risks aren’t worth once life. It’s important to eat healthy and putting good food in your body. Don’t be lazy and make the right choice!