Example Of Case Study On Cameron Balloons Virtual Factory


The Cameron Balloons’ business process is accessible from the biz/ed website which takes you through all the procedures in the factory. The processes entail workflows which offer interactive resources at each stage of the production course. The site map on the website gives one the ultimate experience involved in the virtual factory giving an overview of the reception, the production, design, the marketing, accounting and purchasing departments. The photographic tour of the virtual factory gives a general idea of the production and customized engineering in the factory.
All the functional areas of the company processes that are involved inthe Cameron Balloons virtual factory are interrelated in the business sections mentioned above. First there is the reception section which is responsible with the response actions within the factory. It offers a general view of the explanation unit which gives specifics of the work done by the reception team within the industrial unit. Then after the reception area one has the capability to access anywhere else within the factory which brings us to the various entities within the unit that develop and progress the factory.
First we have access to the production line department which has been integrated with other sections of the company like the basket area and the cutting floor. The other sections all have the same resources at their disposal for company operations. These include the explanation of details on how the balloons are sold and the kind of clienteles the factory is involved with. Other integrative sections comprise of the theories unit focuses on the numerous industry lessons theories applicable to design including development and research. The photos and question section focuses on certain photos of the design segment and inquire on the photos on display. Other resources applied comprise of worksheets which offer testing platforms for predicting and planning design marketing strategies.
On the other hand, there is the issues department tasked with addressing the complications and matters faced by Cameron balloons in designing the balloons. Then the staff section takes the responsibility of overlooking the design staff and their roles. The improvisation team is situated at the further work department and responsible with taking into consideration some of the work the employees could look into to aid in advancing a individuals understanding of the responsibility of designing supplementary parts.
Understanding the interdependence between these different entities and departments in the factory is important to strategizing business since it offers one the snapshot of the probable business outcomes from different operations and transactions. If one is able predict the ultimate outcome of business operations from a number of initial variations then it benefits in better decision making and choosing the correct path for implementing a business strategy. The incorporation of information technology in the industry operations will go a long way in ensuring there is the enhanced and better communication within the different department in the factory. Data will be easily accessible over the company network. Furthermore, errors and mistakes will be minimized compared to manual auditing.
Computer-based simulations in overall as a knowledge based instrument are beneficial in providing entities with the information of how the real world marketplace functions. It emphasizes on numerous deviations that might impact one’s judgment regarding their industry. Simulations are intended to offer one the expertise and information on dealing with the real world happenings and decision making procedures. The Cameron Balloons virtual factory is informative and counsels the business mangers on how to save on the cumulative costs of operating the business in the different departments.


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