Example Of Business Plan On The Situation


Business memo

Ms. Schaefer the Vice President of Purchasing in Dynamo, Inc. one of the major customer of Wood Corporation, is a ‘displeased customer’ and has lodged a complaint against the recently purchased 50000 of Aster, Wood Corporation’s High Tech sensor. Her company was frustrated with the directions provided by Wood Corporation. The directions and the illustrations provided by the company were of poor quality, it hindered the operations and setup of the sensors, as the directions were not adequate for programming the sensor to receive data from the customer product or initiate responses from the same. Ms. Schafer nowwants to return the sensors and wants to claim 100% refund.

Steps taken for research:

The customer feedback about the product was checked and scrutinized by a special team of members of the Wood Corporation. The history of the purchase by Ms. Schaefer was also gone through. A proper study was done, to find the reasons behind the customer complain about the sensor.


There are few issues, which the special team of members found that, there are already many more recent complains from the customers end about the Aster’s installation directions, and the product development team has already started their work on the same, and currently they are rewriting, developing and improving Aster’s directions. Aster is a sophisticated sensor and is targeted to the high tech market, and proper training is needed for the customer’ technical personnel for effective use of the same. In that case Wood Corporation assures that all the sales personnel are well equipped to provide training to its customers. It is not essential but it is advised and recommended, that the customers go through the training and development program, when a sale is closed. The customers, who have already purchased the product, have returned the product, but none have been outside the Wood Corporation’s 45-day return policy. Wood Corporation is hopeful about solving the problems of its customers, within two weeks, since the updated directions will be projected and will also be available in the next two weeks, the customer complaints will also decrease to a limited and normal trend.

Findings specifically about the present complain of Ms. Schaefer:

It was found that Ms. Schaefer agreed to attend the Andrews training and development session arranged by Wood Corporation with three of her technical employees but no one ultimately attended the training session from her company, Dynamo, Inc. One thing more which they established was the purchase for the Aster, by Ms. Schaefer was before 60 days, and it was not fulfilling the return policy criteria of Wood Corporation.

Wood Corporation is very positive and hopeful about the feedback of the customers, just two weeks ahead of their training session, as they expect the situation will subside and it won’t even involve an additional budget expense. They suggests Ms. Schaefer to keep the sensors, as they will provide the new directions and will again offer technical training to the personnel of Dynamo, as well as Ms. Schaefer can get proper assistance from the sales team personnel of Wood Corporation. The second suggestion was, Wood Corporation can allow Ms. Schaefer to return the sensors for 60% credit towards their next purchase; the third suggestion was to allow Ms. Schaefer to return the sensors for 75% refund.