Example Of Business Plan On Persuasive Writing


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Over the last four years, we have worked hard as the original and only truck suppliers of bahn mi and other Vietnamese food. The growth of Saigon Pete’s has been nothing short of phenomenal over the short period. The expansion from the original truck to the three trucks to date has seen us serve more customers especially through the midtown route than before. It is in this regard that I write to you.
I have learned a great deal from working with you in the very first truck and from observingyour style of management. I admire the work strong ethic you have instilled in us, and I would like to be part of the team that will be responsible for the continued growth of Saigon Pete’s. I believe that you can trust me with more responsibilities with a particular bias towards handling logistics once you see it fit to expand the fleet of trucks.
The increasing flow of customers both old and new that are satisfied with the quality of our bahn mi as well as other Vietnamese foods are responsible for the high turnover especially in the midtown route. Adding another truck to this route would be most efficient and profitable for the company. With it, we will be able to reduce the time spent on the queues while at the same time serve more clients. The new truck will also increase the healthy competition amongst the truck operators and as such guarantee creativity and innovation in service delivery.
I believe that with the growing demand in the business, having top management on site will go a long way in terms of maintaining a positive customer reviews and overall satisfaction. It will also provide you an intimate, hands-on experience on the daily running of the trucks. Kindly consider implementing my proposals as they have been drafted with the best interests of your company at heart.