Example Of Admission Essay On Job Title


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I aspire to be a successful businessman in the future and much if my inspiration has come in the form of my uncle, Dave. Uncle Dave owns a highly profitable insurance company and has been operating it with aplomb for years. Growing up, I always admired the logical and practical manner in which he approach not just his business but his daily life as well. I firmly believe that a true leader utilizes his strengths to influence every aspect of his life, personal as well as professional. I believe my uncle is the personificationof this ideal.

Through my interactions with Uncle Dave, I have learned that running a business requires holistic leadership as each function of an organization is important yet dependent on other departments for its success. It is through the synergic operation of the company as a unit that business objective may be achieved. My uncle’s company has seen the peaks and falls in the economy and, having survived the global economic crisis of 2009, it has emerged stronger than ever. Throughout this period, Uncle Dave remained unfazed, showing no signs of stress, and chose to face problems head-on, albeit in a logical, well calculated manner.

Uncle Dave believes that every challenge that a business faces is, in reality, an opportunity to win the confidence of internal and external customers as well as key stake holders. He has a highly proactive approach towards problem solving and this reflects in his aptitude to resolve issues at work and at home in the swiftest, most effective manner. He also has a knack of keeping people happy. Having visited his offices several times and after speaking to his employees, I could sense that he was sincerely respected by his subordinates who seemed very content with their job and work environment. I believe the high level of job satisfaction among his employees stems from my uncle’s commitment towards those who work with him to keep the company running successfully. He considers employees to be partners and is always keen on making his organization a great place to work in.

At a personal level, Uncle Dave has always acted as my mentor, providing me with crucial guidance, whether it was related to my relationships with family and friends or the choices I made at school or for my future. He never showed me the path directly, but rather guided my view so that I could find the way myself. He shared his experiences, his observation and always passed on the knowledge he has with great warmth and friendliness. I can relate to his ideas easily, despite the differences between our generations. Again, the credit for this goes to Uncle Dave as he firmly believes in matching step with changing times. He s an expert at change management and I have learned a lot about the importance of adaptation from him.
Uncle Dave has played a major role in the formation of my values and beliefs. Whenever I am faced with a challenge, I always try to consider how he would respond in the given situation. If I still cannot find the right direction, I simply give him a call and he is always there to guide me. I greatly admire him for all his achievements. A shrewd businessman, an ideal boss, a wise mentor, a sincere friend, and a great human being – I hope to be everything that Uncle Dave is today.