Db1 Research Papers Examples


According to the writers, ethical decision-making in business is the application of the friendly approach in the commercial transactions (EBSCO Publishing, 2014). Hence, the approach employed by the business people may not jeopardize the lifestyle of the society. In most occasions, the firm uses the ethical values to shape the relationship of the company with the community. Moreover, the writers elaborate how ethical decision making in any business venture can establish an encouraging relationship with employees together with customers. Ethical decision making in a business enterprise has attracted many Christians in the business world either as clients or businesspeople. For instance, in the workplace, seniors are supposed to be well-behaved to shape the morals of their juniors (EBSCO Publishing, 2014). The Synovus financial corporation employs an extensive broad approach to evaluating the ethical value of a leader in the Christian context. According to the corporation, Christians are supposed to behave in an ethical manner for them to achieve in business together with creating a good rapport with the surrounding society.
How well did the Synovus Financial Corporation “take care of their people”? What role did the Synovus Financial Corporation’s leadership play in shaping their culture?
The Synovus Financial Corporation takes care of their people through encouraging business individuals to have good morals, to attract several customers. Moreover, the company has taught people about the four leadership succession, which have enabled the corporations to achieve financially. Besides, the Corporation educates the business fraternity and companies about achieving financially and employing several qualified personnel; hence, increasing their rate of production as well as gaining booming profits. The corporation aids people to recognize the hard work of their employees through rewards. For this reason, employees are motivated to perform well. The Synovus financial organization leadership plays a huge role in shaping their culture (Gup, 2013). For instance, their culture is equivalent to the golden rule, which encourages treating people with respect. Thus, these leaders follow the law to create a proper relationship in the corporate world. The essence of fostering respect in any business context is to establish a strong bond between the employees and employers (Gup, 2013). Moreover, the golden rule helps managers to serve the organization and employees and avoid malpractices in workplaces.
What Biblical connections can be made to the values displayed by the Synovus Financial Corporation? Are these values discussed in current business/organizational literature?
The values displayed by the financial corporation have a massive biblical connection since it encourages honesty in the enterprise world. For instance, the organization has implemented different policies of promoting good morals in the society (Pederson and Derdak, 2015). The financial corporation explains how managers are supposed to behave in the working areas to create an ample working relationship with their juniors. In doing so, the companies may reduce discrimination cases in the working places. The financial corporation believes in ethical decision making in the business context; therefore, eliminating unprofessional conducts. Likewise, Synovus motivates managers to organize workshops and exhibitions for their juniors to equip them with the relevant skills required in the job market. These values are discussed in the current business literature since they equip business people with skills and moral values they need for their business progress. Furthermore, they train managers how to create a good relationship between the company and the surrounding society (Pederson and Derdak, 2015).
In conclusion, the Synovus financial corporation is crucial in teaching business people how to deal with customers from different contexts. Moreover, it helps in eliminating malpractices in businesses. For instance, it equips managers with ethical values, which boosts the esteem of junior workers.


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