Damages Report Example


Business report

RE: Vandalizing report
I write this memorandum to report a vandalizing incident that occurred at the Frostburg branch of the heartland chain stores. The incident took place yesterday night and involved a number of actors as shown by ready evidence. The damage has been assessed and the management has finalized on the cost of the damage. The damages caused were as follow:

Broken windows
The gangsters hurled stones at the shop and destroyed glass windows. The damage caused has been assessed and amounts to $720. The glasses were smashed using crude weapons like bricks and machetes. The display glasseswere completely smashed and need replacement.


The criminals also lit fires at the dumpsters just outside the shopping complex. It is worth noting that the fire department was able to contain the fire before it could spread to the store. The fire brigade was alerted by police patrol.


The gang also painted graffiti on the walls of the store. The graffiti is damaging the reputation of the store thus there is need to erase it. The affected walls were north and west walls. The graffiti involved 17 impressions that essentially destroyed the reputation.

Loss of revenue

The management of the store took prompt action and started assessing the damage immediately. This was done to ensure the disruption of activities was minimal. The cost of refitting the broken windows was valuated. All stakeholders were contacted to claim their commitment in refitting the store.


Smith glass Company has promised that the glasses will be fixed today. The glasses will be similar to the ones that were broken to make the changes minimal. The cost of fitting the glass has been put at $720. Quick action in replacing the glass was necessary in guaranteeing the safety of the store and preventing intrusion of animals and people.
Perez painters have promised of removing the graffiti at a cost of $680. The removal work is supposed to be finished by tomorrow evening. In addition, the walls covered by graffiti will be returned to their normal artwork to maintain the stores appearance.
Cleaning of the debris and broken glass required an additional of five workers who had to be paid at a rate of $9 per hour. Cleaning was essential to prevent any injuries to the customers or the employees. In addition, the store will forego revenues amounting to $15500 daily for the three days of repair.
The cost of repairing and the revenues lost are to be catered for by the insurance company. The compensation will include all the wages that were accrued as a result of the attack.


The insurance policy states that the damages will be covered lees $500. This means that the store will have to use its funds in toping up the amount. Moreover, the insurance company must be issued with a police report which we are yet to get. The police also need to ascertain the receipts of the fitting materials.


It is recommended that enough security be dedicated to the store since the source of the threat has not been established. There is no indication that similar attack will not happen again thus protective measures are highly recommended.