Cyberattacker Goals Term Paper


The article focused on the possible intents or objectives as to the reasons a cyber attacker “attacks”. The type of data and the methods performed during an attack depends mainly on the objectives or purpose of that attack. However, even with the wide varieties and methods of attacks being done by people; countermeasures can be done if only these types of a attacks are studied. By studying, patterns can be formed and ways of countering them can be defined. This does not only mean countering through the use of technological devices but processes inside the company can also beimproved. In today’s world, we can consider attacks as a permanent threat so the least we could do is to find solutions in further securing systems either physically or through “soft” ways. These solutions may include right methods in recruitment and termination processes as some people want to get into a company to gain access or some attackers are already within the organizations.
Safe hiring is important for a company to minimize cyber attacks. The following steps can be done by a company to ensure safe hiring.
– Categorize positions based on the sensitivity of each position based on access to information.
– Conduct intensive background checks especially to positions having access to confidential information.
– Gather information about the applicant and analyze his/her background vis-à-vis the position he/she is applying for.
– He/she must sign an confidentiality agreement that indicates among others the rules and restrictions in handling company data.
Before an employee leaves, the company must make sure that he/she didn’t get with him important information. If possible, change passwords and other security measures ones an employee especially with sensitive tasks leaves the company.


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