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Business: Strategic Plan

The goal of any strategy is to win just as Sun Tzu puts it. This is entirely true especially if you put Johnson and Johnson strategic plan into consideration. Johnson and Johnson have a well laid out strategic plan that is bound by the principle of putting people’s needs and well being as the number one priority. The company was founded 120 years ago and has expanded it territories to over 250 companies in 60 countries and boasts of employing up to 115,000 employees. This has been achieved through its character based leadership which according to SunTzu, once a correct path that promotes humanity is identified; it should be pursued to the latter.
The strategic plan engineered by the management has led the company to remain the flag bearer in provision of human health care needs to consumers, medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical markets. All this is defined in the company’s credo that seeks to unify the people globally guided by a set of similar values. The strength of the company lies in decentralization in management (Johnson and Johnson 2007). The international companies are run by the citizens of the host countries and therefore the top management in each company is responsible in carrying out their strategic plan. This has proved a brilliant idea since the citizens of the host country know the people’s needs and the market trends well. The local citizens know their terrain just as Sun Tzu would have said.
Clausewicz argues that strategy is concerned with the definition and importance of war, it pre exists before the war and determines the future of the war. All objectives should be based on this strategy. This is also the same with Johnson and Johnson Company (Johnson and Johnson 2007). The strategy not only focuses on the core fundaments of the business but also management of the company keeping in mind the future generations. The company’s strategy aims to balance short term and long term goals while being at par with the social and scientific changes. The company fosters new businesses and in additions grows the existing leadership. Sustainability is the greatest goal of the company and for this reason review of vital environmental, economic, safety measures and employee health in order to keep this goal in clear focus.


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