Billboards Essays Example


Television is considered as a luxury item not a basic item in life such as food shelter and clothing. Thus, its target market is middle class and upper class. In addition, television is mostly used by children. Although, they don’t have the finances to buy the TV set they can persuade their parents to buy. Therefore, the best choice for Smart Samsung TV advert is the billboard. Thus, as these target markets move to work or stuck in traffic they can easily come across these well-decorated billboards advertising Smart Samsung TV. Additionally, when children move around with theirparents they can see these attractive billboards and persuade their parents to buy the product. It is well-known pictures have a significance influence on children psychology. Hence, if their parents ask them what present they want for thanksgiving, Christmas or birthday it is easy to choose Smart Samsung TV since they have seen it everywhere in town as they move around or going school. By seen the advert repeatedly, the image Smart Samsung TV stick in their mind (Robertson, 2014).
Further, advertising through the billboard is cheap compared to adverting in the television and the radio. Additionally, billboard, are ‘permanent’ ads which don’t need to be changed every week or monthly. The features of the TV are unlikely to be changed on a monthly basis hence billboard are suitable for the Smart Samsung TV (Max, 2014). The radio medium is not ideal for Smart Samsung TV. This is because target market that is middle and upper-classes don’t have the time to listen to the radio. They are always busy chasing money or advancing their career. The billboard will cater for this group since they will able to see the advert as they go about their activities. The image of will act as constant reminder that they need the TV (Billboard agency, 2013).There are people unless they see something with their eyes they cannot believe. Hence, image of the product on the billboard will cater for this group. On the other hand, social media are mostly used by the teenagers and people who are in their early 20s. Moreover, the majorities this group still lives with their parents or are in college. Hence, its most like they have no purchasing power to purchase the Smart Samsung TV.

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