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Japan-the dominant power in Asia had developed hatred for nations that had colonies in the Asian mainland and pacific and these include the United States, Portugal and France. For this reason, Japan wanted to substitute these colonies with its own and form the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.” To achieve this, Japan was prepared to go to any extent including war citing the war in china in 1937. The author’s point is that the United States resolution to resolve the outstanding difference that existed between them and Japan in 1941 bore no fruits. Instead, Japan continued to occupyEuropean colonies which led to President Roosevelt freezing all Japanese assets in America and ultimately cutting off trade between the two nations. Japan’s proposal for a peaceful agreement was rejected by the United States and this justified the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. December 7, 1941 is cited as one of the saddest days for Americans following the disaster that occurred in Hawaii when the Japanese airplanes dropped their bombs.
Pearl Harbor then became an American national symbol for many things as described by the author but it set pace for the mission to totally destroy Japanese militarism. The attack on Pearl Harbor is significant because the government of Japan knew that they cannot engage in war with the United States and win therefore wanted to quickly finish off the navy (pacific fleet) based in Hawaii. Indeed the attack was the most expensive for the United States citing the number of lost assets and lives. However, the destruction of the fleet as intended by the Japanese was not complete since there were three aircrafts that were not at the port and the oil depot was not destroyed implying that surviving ships would return for refueling at the mainland. America declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941. This led to Italy and Germany who were allies of Japan also declaring war on the United States resulting in to a world war.