Amazons Effect On Local Food & Grocery Retail Stores Essay Sample



There are always offers that are given by Amazon if a person buys products of a certain price. An example is 10 dollars off if a person buys products that are worth 49 dollars and above. This makes it much easier to buy more products at cheaper prices. Many stores and supermarkets do not offer such kind of deals. The deals make grocery affordable to many people making it one of the most preferred systems price wise. Saving 10 dollars can be a very lucrative deal to people as they can capitalize on it and spend on it onother important things they would have not managed without a cut price offer in grocery. Cut off price can also facilitate the buying of many products.
The other advantage is home delivery. There are many people in walks of life and look to do their chores either at home or at work. They might not get the time to go the store or local supermarket to buy grocery. Distance could also be a factor that hinders them from achieving this. The best way that they can therefore get their grocery is if it’s delivered to them at their doorstep. They will be able to save time to do their chores. They can feel satisfied with the fact that the grocery is of high quality and if not it can be returned at the doorstep. Together with the cut off price makes it user friendly and also affordable. There is also personalized help in grocery delivery where one can be helped on the settings in the kitchen. For people who are trying something new, they can use this method so that they can get to use these products effectively.


Some prices at the stores are cheaper than the prices that Amazon offers. This makes it cheaper to rather walk and get the grocery. The prices sometimes can be fair but in most cases Amazon’s prices are always higher. The cut off price therefore only affects the products that are of the same price and this shows its limitation. The price would not be any cheaper if the prices are still cut because in most cases they will still exceed the 10 dollars that Amazon cuts off after buying products worth 49 dollars. The prices therefore need to be adjusted to beat those at the local store to make the grocery delivery the more favorable method to use. If the prices can be the same as those in the stores then people would prefer the grocery being delivered into their kitchen with personalized help.
The prices are the only factors that turn off people. People prefer Amazon delivery over buying the grocery themselves at the stores. Amazon is more effective and faster and people can get to return the grocery before they use it if they did not like it. Amazon is very fast and with the personalized help in the kitchen that cannot be found in the stores, it stands out over all other available options when it comes to buying of grocery. Amazon can get to improve further and attract more people into their system as the years go by. They can do this by adjusting the minor problems that turn people off when it comes to buying from them.