Acquisition Evaluation Process Essay


Acquisition evaluation process

In any organization, the process of finding products and equipment that would satisfy all the company requirements is an up-hill task. In such cases, tradeoffs may be vital to the functional environment. Nonetheless, changing the operating environment to suit the product is dispirited. Proper application of modus operandi in the acquisitions process need be applied.

In the telecommunications industry, lots of equipment needs to be acquired on a regular basis; it is then imperative to understand the requirements as well as define the specifications of the equipment to be purchased. The seven steps of acquisitionmodel define a clear process to be followed in the acquisition course. These steps include definition of requirements, specification creation, documentation of selection criteria, and issuance of purchase documentation, evaluation of interested parties’ responses, selection of winner, and, finally, acquisition of the right equipment.

Acquisition assessment process is done in the fifth and the sixth step of the acquisition model. At this step, many factors are scrutinized to ascertain the best product. Some of the factors to be considered include the cost of the product, the functionality of the product, gains associated with the product and the possible function of the product or service in the development of company’s objectives or functions. The evaluation process includes the task of proposal evaluation and analysis.

Telecommunication products once acquired goes through asset life cycle. At some point, it might be realized that the equipment in use is no longer meeting the requirement of the organizations. This can occur due to alteration of requirements as time go by. This will necessitate initialization of the acquisition process of a new product or service. It is at this point that the first phase of acquisition model is applied. Requirements are identified and the entire cycle repeats itself.


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