Essay Help: Stage 2 Kelly’s Salon is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title cash flow npv irr etc Assignment type Coursework Discipline Accounting Description it should be as per management accounting standards and should be done as question states More details 2 Title Critical review Assignment type Coursework Discipline Management Description Conduct a review of research based on THREE journal articles related to Ethics of Lateral Hiring. Discuss in +-1500 words. The format of the discussion should be in the form of essay. Example of review article Attached 3 journals which may be helpful for the topic. if you can find better journals which best describe or related to Ethics in lateral hiring, you can replace it and the articles selected for this review should be within 10 years. 12 font size, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing. Format of assay: 1. Title (Construct your own-related to your scope) 2. half pg – Introduction (Purpose of your review, what are the chosen articles and scope of the study) 3. half pg – Background (Concept, theory, and model related to discussion) 4. half pg – Summary (Abstract from the articles, 1 paragraph each for 3 journals) 5. 1 pg – Analysis (critics, suggestions, comments. Use 5W e.g why the thing is happening, identify research gap) 6. 1 pg – Evaluation (Comparison between the articles (e.g. strength & weakness; advantages & disadvantages) and add your viewpoint or comments) 7. half pg – Conclusion (Summary of your review) 8. References and Bibliography More details 3 Title Stage 2 Kelly’s Salon Assignment type Case Study Discipline Information Technology More details