Essay Help: sociology essay is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title J P Morgan Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Business More details 2 Title Socail tensions in the 1920’s America Assignment type Essay Discipline History More details 3 Title sociology essay Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology Description For this essayyou will conducta content analysis of advertising images in printmedia.You can focus on advertising images in magazines, newspapers or other print media.Using the examples from your sources, analyse and discuss the representations of social class, gender, ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, etc. present in these examples. In doing your analysis, you should look for, among other things, the ways in which inequality, power, status and prestige are linked in the examples you chose. You can examine the stereotypes portrayed and the identities promoted. You can focus on one of these factors or combine them in your analysis. This should be more than a simple description of the examples and should include the kind of analysis that Berger makes in the film Ways of SeeingPart 4, Kilbourne does in the video Killing Us Softlyversions 3 or 4, and Jhally does in Codes of Gender. Killing Us Softlycan be seen infull at; Berger’s Ways of SeeingPT 4 can be viewed at; and Codes of Gendercan be seenin full at are to select only those examples that have appearedin the months of June/July 2016throughOctober/November2016. Copies of the ads, as well as the magazine cover(s)must be included in an appendix to the essay. You must use three examples in your analysis. More details