Essay Help: Sociology and the workplace is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title .ONLY IF YOU SPEAK/WRITE GERMAN!!!! ..Analyse von Lehrwerken zu Modalpartikel – Deutsch als Fremdsprache Assignment type Essay Discipline Education Description Es geht um eine Analyse von den aktuellesten deutschen Lehrwerken im DaF-Bereich und daraum, wie Modalpartikel darin behandelt werden. Anschliessend sollen Verbesserungsvorschlaege gemacht werden. Was sind Modalpartikel? Was ist das Problem mit Modalpartikel bei Lernenden? Wie werden Modalpartikel in Lehrerken behandelt? Ab welchem Niveau werden sie eingefuehrt? Welche Maengel gibt es? Welche Verbesserungsvorschlaege koennten gemacht werden? More details 2 Title Explanatory Essay Assignment type Dissertation Discipline Social Work Description You are interviewing for a position with an organization to work as a grant writer. In your interview you’ve been asked to talk about the grant writing process. In essay format explain to the person interviewing you (imagine that they are HR but do not know or understand the process). This means you need to cover all the majors topics from this semester and weave them into a explanatory essay. Make sure that you have a thesis, transition sentences, and supporting points for your topics. The essay should follow standard MLA format (look it up if you do not know) • Times New Roman (TNR, 12pt font) • Include in text citations for quoted material Topics: • figure 1.1 supporting the problem (see attachment) • RFP explain writing a RFP and the purpose, and how it falls into the process • Purpose of letter of intent, what are the major parts • What is the purpose of a needs analysis • How do you do a strategic plan • Identify the difference of profit and non-profit (Synthesize material and put in own words) More details 3 Title paragraph about the effective of Cl, Mg, and EDTA in mutant and the normal type of the tetrahymena cell Assignment type Essay Discipline Biology More details 4 Title Critical Analysis Final Paper Assignment type Other types Discipline Computer Science Description Please I need help with the attached assignment. More details 5 Title Propapility Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Business Description Please read carefully, Many businesses apply the understanding of uncertainty and probability theory in their decision practices in their business. Probability models can greatly help businesses to optimize their policies and make safe decisions. Although complex, these methods of probability can increase profitability and business success. Develop and explain a situation in your work area where you would apply probability theory, or specify a probability distribution. Mention and explain the reason for his selection, and the advantages and disadvantages of the use of probabilities in your example. Try to explain it in 200-250 words. Formulas and numbers are welcome and needed. If you have any question please let me know. The name of the book already attached. More details 6 Title Feminism Assignment type Essay Discipline Human Rights Description Write a summary on 1 page from 5 pages of reading in 2 hours More details 7 Title Maths Assignment type Coursework Discipline Mathematics Description You need to read the Journal attached for the coursework, and some coding samples More details 8 Title Sociology and the workplace Assignment type Coursework Discipline Sociology Description DUE IN 1HOUR! ONLY 300 WORDS! Choose at least one topic from the readings(CHEGG BOOK I WILL PROVIDE) , offer a brief summary that illustrates your understanding of the topic, reflect about the topic (do you agree/disagree? Why?), and connect the topic to the world around you (maybe your workplace, something in the news, or so on). Make sure you have cited your work. please NO DIRECT QUOTES only paraphrasing! You must know how to work to be able to do this assignment! More details