Essay Help: Simulation Goals Memo is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title A Dark Reflection on Today’s Society Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology More details 2 Title An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment? Assignment type Essay Discipline Philosophy More details 3 Title Gene Assignment type Lab Report Discipline Biology More details 4 Title Assignment Two: Who Reads These Things Anyway, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Assignment type Essay Discipline Business Description Need 5 sources Including this source [so 6 sources in total] the question is whether the credit card industry should be regulated and present both sides of the argument before reaching a well reasoned conclusion. More details 5 Title Metro High School Network – 15 Question FAQ Assignment type Essay Discipline Information Technology Description Follow Rubric. Create a 15 question FAQ (frequently asked questions) for Metro High School’s situation. Ask the question then answer with at least 4 sentences per question. Make Reference Page for any sources used. More details 6 Title correlation between woody plants and invertebrates (results and discussion) Assignment type Lab Report Discipline Biology Description I have already completed the introduction and methods section, and generated the figure and correlation coefficient for the results. I would like the results and discussion to be written following the attached guidelines and what I have so far (see ecology paper.docx). Results text should be 1/2 page and discussion should be 1.5 pages long (double spaced). I can provide the articles from my references if needed, but additional papers may be required. Reference format is Journal of Ecology (i can fix format, but please insert reference). More details 7 Title discrimination Assignment type Essay Discipline History More details 8 Title Brain and Behavior Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Psychology Description Major paper: This will be an opportunity to apply up-to-date knowledge of neurobiological underpinnings associated with human brain development/change related to a specific environmental factor during a specific life stage or trajectory from the topics below. Search for and critically analyze recent peer-reviewed neuroscientific research on them (the number of sources will vary by topic), and summarize what you have learned about the neurobiological underpinnings of the factor, with implications for social work practice, in no less than 10 and no more than 15 pages (APA style) plus references ) Select one of the following topics (environmental factor is italicized): 1) Neurobiological underpinnings for the effects of prenatal maternal nutrition and breastfeeding on a selected domain of infant development (e.g., speech and language, cognitive, growth); 2) Child neurobiological underpinnings of “best fit” parental temperament and child-rearing practices at specific brain development stages (e.g., neonatal, infancy, toddlerhood); 3) Neurobiological effects on development of a mild traumatic brain injury experienced between the ages of 18-25 in a typically developing human; 4) Implications of typical brain changes in aging for the effects of “best fit” social support systems and environmental modifications for the elderly; 5) Neurobiological underpinnings for effects of substance abuse and process of addiction at a specific life stage/age; 6) Implications of the neuroscience evidence on the relationship between motor and perceptual development in infants for child-rearing environments. Please choose one of these topics paper must at least 10 pages More details 9 Title Simulation Goals Memo Assignment type Essay Discipline Statistics More details