Essay Help: SCOPE ASSESMENT is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title SDN with open flow performance vs trditional network performance Assignment type Thesis Discipline Information Technology Description Hi Looking for help on my thesis methodoloy chapter, the project is ( SDN with POX open flow controller performance analysis vs traditional networing, I’m using mininet vritual machine, run on windows 10 pc, with miniedit gui software also use wireshark to capture the data to analysis later. More details 2 Title risk management Assignment type Coursework Discipline Project Management Description (a) Risks are identified as positive and negative. We tend to focus on negative risks so we can AVOID them or minimize the impact if the risks happen. Think of positive risks and possible opportunities. Consider the discussion in our textbook. What are at least two positive risks that could/should be addressed in IT projects? How likely is it that the risks would happen? And how should we handle those risks? Would there be affects on cost, schedule or scope? (b) Why is it necessary to identify and assess risks for ALL tasks at ALL levels of the WBS? Think about this and try to find answers that are different from our classmates. (c) What’s the worst that can happen to a project if the risks have not been identified and managed? Again, think about this… your answer should reflect creative and individual thinking… so answers that are different from those of our classmates will be more interesting. More details 3 Title history research paper Assignment type Research Paper Discipline History Description 1200 words on if the pyramids were human ingenuity or supernatural help with 4 sources only 1 being internet others need to be book or article and use chicago footnotes style More details 4 Title interview with a yoruba of nigeria Assignment type Reports Discipline Anthropology More details 5 Title Texas Social Prolem Report Assignment type Term paper Discipline Physics More details 6 Title Economic Homework Assignment Assignment type Coursework Discipline Economics Description Please answer all questions. Questions are attached. More details 7 Title SCOPE ASSESMENT Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Project Management Description Justify the investment in healthcare information technology projects based on return on investment, cost/benefit analysis, compliance with regulatory requirements, quality improvement, and decreased risk. Read the follow directions and then answer the three given questions. o Go online to research and then choose a company that sells a healthcare related decision-support system. Using the website(s) as a reference, thoroughly answer the following (even though the application is already in existence). You may make assumptions where necessary, but be sure to document them. § Develop a scope statement. § Create a context level data flow diagram (DFD). § Create a use case diagram. The following articles can be found in the Kaplan Library, and provide helpful information on data flow diagrams and use case diagrams:; =138 Additionally, it is recommended that you find instructional videos (on YouTube, for example) on data flow diagrams to help with the conceptualization. Scope statement should be no less than 1 page in length. Use of PowerPoint, Visio®, or other program to construct the DFD and use case diagram. • Free of spelling and grammatical errors. • Provide a reference page in APA format. More details