Essay Help: Report is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title purpose of study Assignment type Essay Discipline Business More details 2 Title Philosophy of Beauty Assignment type Essay Discipline Philosophy Description Length: The recommended length is four to six single-sided pages of 12 point type with 1.5x spacing. Each such page is roughly about 450 words, depending on font, so the range is about 1800-2700 words. I won’t police this limit rigorously, but if you find yourself needing 3500 words, you are misunderstanding the assignment. As well, if you only can muster 900 words, something is wrong. Come see me and we’ll get you back on track.Topics: The following are suggested topics. Youcan choose your own topic, but the essay must (1) be about a philosophical issue that we have discussed and (2) develop and defend a philosophical thesis (for more information on choosing a topic, see the handout on Essay writing). I highly recommend that you clear your topic with me: an inappropriate topic can create serious flaws in your essay. Email me and briefly describe what you want to do. Cultural Appropiation: Joel Rudinow takes up the question “Can white people play the blues?”How does Rudinow think should we understand this question? (That is, what exactly would it mean to say that white people can’t play the blues?). In his paper, he discusses a number of different answers to this question. In your view, which of these answers is the correct one? In your essay, be sure to discuss the reasons behind each of the different answers. Also, use a specific musical example in your discussion (you can use the blues, hip-hop, or any artistic genre that is relevant to Rudinow’s concerns about cultural appropriation). More details 3 Title proposal research Assignment type Research Proposal Discipline Business More details 4 Title digital marketing Assignment type Coursework Discipline Marketing More details 5 Title Writing Assignment Assignment type Essay Discipline Philosophy Description Essay format, writing response to one of the quotes listed below. Need to use course textbook: “Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy: Texts and Cases.” Edited by Omid Payrow Shabani and Monique Deveaux. Oxford University Press, 2014. More details 6 Title Burning fossil fuels Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Environmental Sciences Description 1,Accounting helps reduces burning fossil fuels 2,4-6 sources academic 3,double spaces,12. More details 7 Title task is intended to assess your ability to incorporate researched material and provide in-text citations in y Assignment type Paraphrasing Discipline Business More details 8 Title feature story Assignment type Essay Discipline Economics Description I uploaded the full instructions. read the instructions and based on it, write the essay about the reduce in oil price More details 9 Title personal and professional reasons for wanting an mba Assignment type Admission / Scholarship Essay Discipline Business More details 10 Title Report Assignment type Essay Discipline Environmental Sciences Description At an early part of the course, students will be asked, using an online carbon footprint calculation application, to estimate their own carbon footprints over a 1-month period (October). A 1,000-word essay is to be submitted, identifying and describing each major contributing activity to the carbon footprint. This assignment is worth 5%. More details