Essay Help: Proposal Outline is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title ESSAY Assignment type Essay Discipline Computer Science Description Patching ICS/SCADA systems are riskier than a traditional IT systems, and the book refers to three fundamentals of patching ICS/SCADA. Find an article about ICS/SCADA patch and /or change management and how it relates to at least one of the fundamentals. How might you use the information you find to an organization such as in your final project. TEXTBOOK: More details 2 Title Research Terminology & The Scientific Method Assignment type Essay Discipline Education Description Q1) Write a 1-page report with proper citation about the following terms: Concepts. Constructs. Definitions. Variables. Propositions . Hypotheses. Theory. Reasoning. Models. For each term above include an example from your area of study. Q2) Write a 1-page report about the difference between induction and deduction reasoning with an example from your area of research. NB: Use appropriate references. More details 3 Title essay Assignment type Essay Discipline Business Description I need a 5-6 page paper on a case. I will not go anything above $16. so don’t raise my price. its a fairly simple paper but I cannot write it due to having some issues at home. I will give you the file once I send payment More details 4 Title Research Planning and Research Process Assignment type Essay Discipline Education Description Question – prepare a simple research proposal related to your area outlining the main stages discussed in this week. NB: Use appropriate references. This assignment has only one question. More details 5 Title Advantages of distance education Assignment type Essay Discipline Education Description In a one page paper, discuss the advantages of distance Education. APA. Minimum of 2 references More details 6 Title Plunder by Laura Nader Assignment type Term paper Discipline Anthropology Description In this assignment you will put some conceptual material from this course in dialog with the work of one faculty member in the Department of Anthropology at U.C. Berkeley. The purpose of this assignment is for you to think about current anthropology in relationship to the history of anthropological thought. To familiarize yourself with the faculty in the Anthropology Department at U.C. Berkeley, you should go on to the department’s website and look at the faculty pages. You need to select a faculty member (living) from any of the subfields of anthropology (socio-cultural, linguistic, biological, medical, or archaeology). As you look at this material on the department’s website, attempt to get some sense of the kind of anthropological topics and approaches that a particular faculty member is interested in. As you look at this information about faculty, you should also take note of the academic department from which each received their Ph.D. When you have decided on the faculty member whose work you will be exploring for this paper, then do also look at the website for the department from which they received their Ph.D. You should also look at any historical material that this department might have on their website. If you include a very brief mention of this information in your preliminary draft, your GSI can clarify any confusion you may have about this material. The final paper should analytically relate the work of the approved subject to the material covered in the course. This means being selective, and identifying points of connection or contention, rather than describing the work of the person in great detail or as a totality. You should read at least two different works by the faculty member whose work you are engaging. Articles may be more useful than books for the purpose of this paper; if you do engage a book-length work, you should note that often the introductions and conclusions of longer works hold a lot of conceptual material and are often a site in which an academic author puts his/her work in relationship to that of the broader field. You can start to look at a faculty member’s work by viewing their list of publications on the department website, but you will also need to use online database(s) and the online catalog to search for articles and longer works. Your GSIs will discuss library resources and the use of databases such as AnthroPlus in your discussion sections. The Anthropology Librarian, Celia Emmelhainz, has created a resource guideline for this assignment that you can access at In addition to engaging at least two different works by a faculty member, you will also need to read at least one review of a book by the person. Even if you do not also read the book, book reviews will often critically relate the subject’s work to other literature and therefore this kind of material is quite a helpful resource when attempting to place a particular anthropologist’s work in relationship to both the wider field of anthropology and the history of anthropology. To place the faculty member in relationship to the history of anthropological thought, you should especially make sure to review the references cited by the author in the works that you read. It will also be helpful to find places in a text where any work by anthropologists discussed in this course, or older anthropological works, is cited. In order to put the work of the faculty member that you are writing about in dialog with the material for this course, look for places in a text where this older work is being discussed. By reading these sections of a work you will be able to ascertain if a work is cited to critique and reject it or to support it. Finding places of critique can be especially helpful for placing your author within the history of anthropological thought. You should use book indices or skim articles to look for this kind of material. You may wish to consult a biographical dictionary of anthropologists at the Anthropology Library to see if your chosen subject has been covered, yet it is quite possible that the person that you have chosen is not in this kind of literature. For this assignment, we are MUCH MORE INTERESTED IN THE WORK OF THE ANTHROPOLOGIST THAN IN BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIAL. If you do consult a biographical reference source, DO NOT TURN YOUR PAPER INTO A BIOGRAPHICAL STUDY. Also, make sure to cite this biographical material if you do reference it because to not do so is plagiarism. In this paper, we are mainly concerned with the person’s work and its relationship to the history of anthropological thought. Therefore, you should NOT INTERVIEW THE SUBJECT FOR THIS PAPER. Instead, we are interested in YOUR analysis of their written work in relationship to the material we are studying in this class. The final paper should include: identification of the subject, and where they gained their training (1 to 1.5-page maximum). discussion of some major aspects of a faculty member’s work in relationship to broader currents in anthropology and the history of anthropological thought (4.5 to 7 pages). More details 7 Title Proposal Outline Assignment type Research Proposal Discipline Business Description Need research proposal based on the content of the email. The proposal has to be in the format as to file ‘outline’ and references in APA format. More details