Essay Help: Online marketing is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Economics Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Economics More details 2 Title Cumulative Thesis Assignment type Thesis Discipline Social Work Description You are interviewing for a position with an organization to work as a grant writer. In your interview you’ve been asked to talk about the grant writing process. In essay format explain to the person interviewing you (imagine that they are HR but do not know or understand the process). This means you need to cover all the majors topics from this semester and weave them into a explanatory essay. Make sure that you have a thesis, transition sentences, and supporting points for your topics. The essay should follow standard MLA format (look it up if you do not know) * Times New Roman (TNR, 12pt font) * Include in text citations for quoted material Topics: * figure 1.1 supporting the problem (see attachment) *RFP explain writing a RFP and the purpose, and how it falls into the process *Purpose of letter of intent, what are the major parts * What is the purpose of a needs analysis * How do you do a strategic plan * Identify the difference of profit and non-profit (Synthesize material and put in own words) More details 3 Title Is the 1st Amendment violated when the Holy Bible is banned from prison and public libraries? Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Philosophy Description , you will be required to research and write a 3-4 page paper that frames and briefly explains the general issue from the perspective of the First Amendment and that summarizes the different arguments or sides of the modern political debate on the topical issue chosen. When summarizing the pros/cons or different sides of the arguments, you must do so in a fair, objective manner as if you were the advocate for each of the respective sides or viewpoints summarized. You are not required to offer your own opinion or analysis in this writing assignment and you should not do so. More details 4 Title Online marketing Assignment type Research Proposal Discipline Marketing More details