Essay Help: one things about chinese culture is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title History 2002 reading the past major essay Assignment type Essay Discipline History Description Please answer the following question outline the main factors behind and the significance of the history wars in Australia and or New Zealand or the United States? please use Chicago referencing and footnoting no website if possible and just Journal articles that are peer-reviewed. Only cited references are to put in bibliography. Minimum 8 to 10 references or more do not use Wikipedia at all More details 2 Title managing operation,information and knowledge Assignment type Speech / Presentation Discipline Management Description MOST IMPORTANT – i need it in 12 HOURS ! MODULE NAME – Managing Operations, Information & Knowledge ASSIGNMENT – presentation TOTAL TIME – 15 MINS WORD COUNT- its an estimate of around 1500-2000words , just make sure we can read for NOT more than 15mins PLEASE READ THE STUDY MATERIAL: 1 capacity management 2 supply netwrok 3 lean production and JIT 4 quality AS I AM GIVING THIS TASK TO STUDYBAY FOR THE SECOND TIME AS FIRST ONE FAILED TO WRITE. More details 3 Title reaction paper Assignment type Other types Discipline Education Description this is an essay link (, which the writer has to read it and put his/her reaction based on it and support that opinion with two references in full 4 pages . all the instructions is attached. More details 4 Title pharmaceutical biotechnology Assignment type Essay Discipline Biology More details 5 Title Where did humans originate from? Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Biology More details 6 Title Special education Assignment type PowerPoint Presentation Discipline Education More details 7 Title one things about chinese culture Assignment type Essay Discipline History Description I need to write about chinese culture. For example, choose one thing about chinese culture like woman status, geomancy( Fengshui), Confucianism and write at least three elements about them. Make our own topic not the topic that everyone will write. 7 pages not including works cite . I have three samples about this paper. More details