Essay Help: need responses for the 5 questions is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title social work with children and youth Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Social Work Description 4 page paper. with a minimum of six (6) scholarly resources from the professional literature on the topic More details 2 Title “BOYS IN THE HOOD” and explain the social, political and legal issues that contribute to Youth Gangs. Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology More details 3 Title Sociological Analysis of the Family Assignment type Essay Discipline Social Work Description Apply the sociological imagination (see chapter 1) in analyzing your family as a social group from one of the main theoretical perspectives (functionalist theory, conflict theory, symbolic-interactionist theory). In your analysis you are expected to use correctly at least five concepts that you learned during this semester. Suggestions: ethnocentrism/ cultural relativity culture/ subculture/ counterculture social status (ascribed, achieved, master) social role (role strain, role conflict) social group social class/ social mobility/ social inequality socialization/ resocialization/ agents of socialization deviance/ conformity /obedience race/ ethnicity accommodation/ acculturation/ assimilation stereotype/ discrimination gender identity/ gender role nuclear family/ extended family monogamy/ polygamy endogamy/ exogamy Please, write an original paper of at least 1000 words, avoiding generalization of personal experiences. Think sociologically! Use only the textbook and the notes as bibliographical resources and make sure to mention them at the end of your assignment. The resources are not included in the minimum 1000 words. Make sure the quotations do not represent more than 20% of your paper. The student will be graded on critical thinking, writing, clarity, organization and content. You will have points deducted if the paper is shorter than required. If you need assistance with your assignment, the Writing Center is available for free to assist you with your writing needs! The paper must have an introduction and conclusion. Grammar and spelling count! In order to submit the paper in Turnitin go to “start here” module and click on the last link with the title “Sociological Analysis of the Family”. Go to “my submissions”. Write “Sociological Analysis of the Family” under “submission title” line. Copy and paste your paper in the “text to submit” box. Do not include your name, class, and paper’s title in the “text to submit” box.Check the box confirming that the essay is your own work. Hit “add submit” button. Do not write the paper directly on Moodle in order to avoid loosing the information in case of a shortage of electricity or being logged off from Moodle for inactivity. Write it on a regular document and save it on your computer or on a memory stick. Then, copy and paste it in the “text to submit” box. The assignment must be submitted in Turnitin by December 1st at 11:55 p.m. Late submission is not accepted and is graded with zero. Only papers submitted in Turnitin ID are graded. Those submitted by email or in a hard copy are not accepted and are graded with zero. More details 4 Title Introduction to Busniness BTM101 Assignment type Essay Discipline Business More details 5 Title history research paper Assignment type Research Paper Discipline History Description 1200 words on if the pyramids were human ingenuity or supernatural help with 4 sources only 1 being internet others need to be book or article and use chicago footnotes style More details 6 Title need responses for the 5 questions Assignment type Coursework Discipline Management Description I need responses for 5 questions… each response must be 800 words. More details