Essay Help: ‘My reflections on how the study of Organisational Behaviour (OB) in Air travel and tourism is relevant to me’ is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Essay respond, agree or disagree Assignment type Essay Discipline Education Description Respond to Freeman Hrabowski Essay “College prepare people for life”, Agree with him. 3 pages. Topic: College studies. use my first draft as guide, but you can change whatever you want More details 2 Title Eruptions of Volcanos Assignment type Term paper Discipline Geology Description Its a geography term paper. It can be About anything involving geography around the world. it needs 7 sources with a minimum of 750 words. More details 3 Title Gustatory system Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Biology More details 4 Title i want someone profissional watch documentary and summarizing Assignment type Other types Discipline Human Rights Description ONE typed page summarizing what in the video you felt was most important. Single, not double sided. A separate heading for each issue you think is important. 12 font. In other words, don’t stuff the page full of detail. More details 5 Title Bridges out of Poverty Assignment type Other types Discipline Psychology Description Need to read the book first then: Post book summary: A five-page paper that includes the follwoing four points: 1) Summary of your reading, 2) brief description of how you have integrated information from this book with your existing knowledge (e.g., knowledge from research studies, clinical experience), 3) limitations of the text (i.e., unsupported claims, insufficient arguments, areas where more research is needed), 4) identify “next steps” both professionally and personally. More details 6 Title medication for kids with adhd Assignment type Essay Discipline History More details 7 Title Why do ERP Implementations Fail/Succeed? Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Information Technology More details 8 Title Heart of Darkness and New European Imperialism Assignment type Research Paper Discipline History Description Heart of Darkness is one of the crucial documents of European imperialism. Yet scholars and others still debate whether or not Conrad’s novel should be seen as anti-imperialist. Develop an argument that attempts to answer this question. In your answer, you will want to consider what Conrad is trying to say about colonialism, its justifications, and (European) humanity more broadly. In addition, you will want to consider how his account of imperialism relates to themes and arguments found in the assigned primary documents, including those by Gandhi as well as Achebe’s critique of Conrad. Finally, your paper should incorporate two scholarly articles that deal with either Conrad’s relationship to imperialism or the broader encounter between European and African culture in the late nineteenth century. More details 9 Title Early Civilization Assignment type Research Paper Discipline History Description Final Multimedia Presentation: Each student will create a final multimedia presentation that explores one of the topics/or themes discussed in USA, Africa and the World I. Review the course syllabus for the remaining topics. Step One: Select a topic based on the course syllabus. Step Two: Start research to create an annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography explains each sources, and explains how you will use the source in the final, multimedia presentation. Annotations are short paragraphs that explain each source. You need a minimum of six sources including university presses books, scholarly journals, and digital sources. Both course texts (the Strayer textbook and the US, Africa and the World Reader are required sources). No “wikis” or online encyclopedia should be included. Include a short introduction to your project, including an explanation of the time period and a defined thesis statement, which explains the central point of your project. Format according to MLA, APA or CMS style of citation. You need at least one book published by a university press, two scholarly journal, two digital sources, and one primary source. Step Three: Create a multimedia project using one of these modalities: Power Point, Poplet, Prezi, Tour-Builder, or Voice-Thread. All seven sources must be used in the final presentation, and must include a thesis statement, historical evidence, photos, and text. All sources must be used at least one. Footnotes or endnotes are required. Format according to MLA, APA or CMS style of citation, including a bibliography. Due via CANVAS the last day of class. Presentations must include: A thesis statement Historical data An explanation of continuity and change over time Topic’s contribution to the study of world history. Minimum of ten slides with references. A bibliography slide. Include footnotes or end notes throughout the presentation More details 10 Title Essay about a topic, but just with pro agrumentd Assignment type Essay Discipline Business More details 11 Title SEC (security and exchange commission) 1933-today Assignment type Term paper Discipline Economics More details 12 Title Vietnamese immigrant in Pacific Northwest Assignment type Research Paper Discipline History More details 13 Title ‘My reflections on how the study of Organisational Behaviour (OB) in Air travel and tourism is relevant to me’ Assignment type Essay Discipline Tourism Description Its an Reflective Essay, minimum 10 referenes, about 1500-2000 words will be great More details