Essay Help: Memo is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title accounting manager Assignment type Essay Discipline Accounting More details 2 Title tomorrow Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Computer Science More details 3 Title Slaves vs Industrial Workers Assignment type Essay Discipline History More details 4 Title Memo Assignment type Coursework Discipline Business Description Paper 3 pages, double-spaced- You just got the job as the senior food toxicologist for a large, multi-national food company. Your company has just developed a new product. (You choose the product-food additive, GMO, dietary supplement, food contact material). You are asked by the CEO to prepare a short paper briefing him or her on the regulatory strategy for demonstrating the safety of the product to the FDA and to consumers. The CEO asked for the following information- Trade Name of Product Use of Product Target Populations Regulatory Statue under which it is approved/cleared for marketing/marketed Safety data required Fate and Transport of the Product Any environmental concerns A few sentences to use in the advertising of the product This is your big chance to impress your CEO so you want to do a good job.- A couple of things- you use the trade name of your compound (so don’t worry about figuring out chemical structures or formulations) – You will need a name for your company as well as your CEO. Don’t us real examples. Since it is an internal memo, you should use a memorandum format. More details