Essay Help: Learning outcomes A and D is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Implementation of Electronic Health Records Assignment type Term paper Discipline Information Technology More details 2 Title B2B company strategy (Johnwarts Company ) Assignment type Essay Discipline Marketing Description Implementation and Evaluation of a Sales Programme – use the same organisation as selected for Assessment 1) – 3000 words You should critically evaluate and develop the chosen company towards a world class sales organisation. How might the chosen organisation become and/ or remain a high performing sales organisation. Using the information, you have found you must illustrate how the selected organisation could/ should manage its sales function and implement and evaluate its overall sales programme with consideration to topics such as relationship management, recruitment & selection, training & development, motivation of sales people, market segmentation, formalisation of sales processes, development of enabling technology and integration of all its business functions. You should use appropriate theory/ frameworks/ models from literature (core texts and academic articles) and relate/ apply to the selected company under investigation. You must read widely around all the topics in the module. Ensure you justify statements and any recommendations. More details 3 Title Business Plan Assignment type Business Plan Discipline Business Description Submit a business plan portfolio for a sports’ tourism related product or service that you are proposing to provide before, during or after a sport event. It should have: 1) executive summary 2) market research section (fully referenced) 3) proposed management and production structure for product/service 4) business model canvass 5) projected income and expenditure section (for three years from set up) 6) sales forecast section for the respective period. It is anticipated that this work activity will allow you to gather material that relates to the sports’ event tourism related business opportunities that stem from the hosting of the chosen event. As a portfolio it is anticipated that supported materials will also be used here, i.e. pictures, promotional materials or information on the festival or event, available from external sources. These do not count in the word limit. Failure to accurately reference material could result in the charge of plagiarism. Plagiarism, the dishonest use of someone else words thoughts or ideas without proper acknowledgement, is viewed very seriously by Edinburgh Napier University and students can face disciplinary action in the event of established or suspected plagiarism (see Moodle page for further information). Please keep a copy of your work for your reference. All work must be submitted on time and late work will receive a maximum of 40%. Please write the essay in 3rd person English i.e. no use of ‘I think that’ or ‘you can see that’ – rather ‘it is thought that’ or ‘the author has established’. Examples of work where higher marks are given include those that show evidence of research on the part of the student, a clear structure and balanced argument regarding the issue in question. Further clarification regarding the format of the portfolio will also be given in class. I need to get till 29th of november 2500 words is a minimum I also added two examples More details 4 Title Golden Village Management Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Marketing Description Golden Village Singapore Chicago References Use 7 scholarly journal Follow the rubrics More details 5 Title Chemistry elements Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Chemistry More details 6 Title developmental cognitive neuroscience paper Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Psychology Description Provide a 10-page literature review on: executive function deficits in children with autism. The attached paper can serve as a model paper. Guidelines: I. SCIENTIFIC REASONING & COMMUNICATION a. Demonstrates good understanding of concepts and correct use of terminology b. Scope of claims and conclusions is appropriate to the available evidence c. Uses peer-reviewed, reliable sources of empirical data d. Cites original, empirical studies in addition to any previous literature reviews II. FORM A. Clear and concise expression B. Correct grammar, spelling & punctuation C. Follows APA, 6th ed. formatting & style III. CONTENT – Literature Review includes sections A-C in this order: A. Introduction: a. Raises a question in the field of developmental cognitive neuroscience b. Explains why the question is important c. Situates the question in a larger field of study d. Concludes with a specific and well-articulated thesis statement that summarizes, integrates or reinterprets the data B. Body: a. Provides substantial empirical evidence from the developmental cognitive neuroscience literature to support the thesis statement b. Provides evidence that runs contrary to the thesis claim & attempts to explain contradictory evidence c. Thoroughly describes previous research on topic d. Introduces & evaluates controversies / alternate opinions C. Discussion: a. Restates thesis and answers the question raised in the introduction section b. Identifies limitations of the review and unanswered questions c. Describes implications of the conclusion for existing theories d. Describes implications of the conclusion for educational practice and policy More details 7 Title Learning outcomes A and D Assignment type Essay Discipline Business Description You are required to answer ONE of the followings: 1:Examine the traditional textbook view that business is simply about profit maximization 2:Explain the concept of Market Failure. Using graphical analysis , discuss why markets fail. As part of exercise, you should develop the skill of answering the question precisely and concisely , and use graphical analysis where appropriate. More details