Essay Help: Is Global warming real is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Schectman Assignment type Essay Discipline Philosophy Description Discussion 13 – Schechtman Schechtman on Revised Personal Identity Consider Locke’s notion that a single fixed point is required for a person to be themselves – to have a claim to identity. This single fixed point is not a material substance (the body) or an immaterial substance (the soul), but rather it is a singularity of conscious experience. This singularity is what persists through time and is constituted by a person’s past action and experience, which they themselves do not always directly access. Using citations from the assigned reading, explain briefly how Schechtman modifies Locke’s theory of personal identity to conform to a person’s intelligibility of those memories. Give examples about how this idea of personhood allows us to reasonably form plans for future action. Finally, give reasons why we should or should not accept Schechtman’s modified account of personal identity. Required Reading: Marya Schechtman, “Personal Identity and the Past” Recommended Reading: “Personal Identity”, Introduction and Section 1 – Remember: A reasoned response consists of more than one words responses or simple agreement with the author of the article or post you are responding to. Please cite all passages in the text (including page number) and cite all outside information according to MLA guidelines. More details 2 Title Promote and Advocate for the Use of IT Assignment type PowerPoint Presentation Discipline Information Technology Description Advocate the use of health information technology to promote quality of care and patient safety. Imagine that your healthcare facility is soon moving to an EHR as well as looking at the purchase of other types of technology. Create a PowerPoint presentation that advocates the use of health information technology to promote quality of care and patient safety. Presentation should be at least 15 slides.  Uses your textbook as one of your resources plus at least three additional resources from scholarly journals.  References slide in APA format.  Slides highlight the important basics.  Advocates the use of IT to promote quality of care and patient safety.  Promotes IT applications that improve quality of care and patient safety.  Convinces coworkers that IT is essential to meet the quality care initiatives.  Includes information in the Notes section that you will speak about during your presentation. More details 3 Title Pascals Math Theory hw Assignment type Math Assignment Discipline Mathematics Description I just need the answers to these 3 worksheets. No work shown required just the answers More details 4 Title BIOLOGY RESEARCH PAPER Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Biology Description 3500-4000 words IB CRITERIA More details 5 Title Financial Analysis on Starbucks Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Accounting Description For this paper, submit both a horizontal & vertical analysis of Starbuck’s accounts receivable, fixed assets,and debt financing balances over time for a two year period. Discuss Starbuck’s metods for accounting receivables and evaluating uncollectable receivables, purchased of fixed assets, and methods of debt financing impact the recording process and presentation of financial statements. Finally, include a table of calculations as an appendix to the analysis and include calculations in an EXCEL document. This paper will be 4 pg and is DUE BY SATURDAY 11/19/16. More details 6 Title Audit task Assignment Assignment type Reports Discipline Accounting Description This is the Auditing Assignment, You have to o working paper,Summary of findings,Memo etc All the details are in files attached. More details 7 Title Is Global warming real Assignment type Essay Discipline Environmental Sciences More details