Essay Help: is a free trade policy superior to a free trade policy? is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Cumulative Thesis Essay Assignment type Thesis Discipline Social Work Description You are interviewing for a position with an organization to work as a grant writer. In your interview you’ve been asked to talk about the grant writing process. In essay format explain to the person interviewing you (imagine that they are HR but do not know or understand the process). This means you need to cover all the majors topics from this semester and weave them into a explanatory essay. Make sure that you have a thesis, transition sentences, and supporting points for your topics. The essay should follow standard MLA format (look it up if you do not know) • Times New Roman (TNR, 12pt font) • Include in text citations for quoted material Topics: • figure 1.1 supporting the problem (see attachment) • RFP explain writing a RFP and the purpose, and how it falls into the process • Purpose of letter of intent, what are the major parts • What is the purpose of a needs analysis • How do you do a strategic plan • Identify the difference of profit and non-profit (Synthesize material and put in own words) More details 2 Title GENDER DEVELOPMENT Assignment type Speech / Presentation Discipline Psychology Description General introduction for Piaget and Kohlberg outline of these theories Piaget’s theory of moral Development Kohlberg’s theory of moral development the strengths and weaknesses of each and comparison. A3 Poster More details 3 Title business weekly reflective log and journal Assignment type Creative Writing Discipline Business Description single spaced More details 4 Title is a free trade policy superior to a free trade policy? Assignment type Article Discipline Economics Description i need this article to me summaries for both yes and no side, then choose a side to support and find an article to support the side you choose. More details