Essay Help: Intimate Partner Violence is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Electric cars changing the world Assignment type Reports Discipline Environmental Sciences Description The question posed is “Analyze an incremental improvement to a current energy generation-conservation-remediation technology that will have a significant beneficial impact(>1% global) over the next 5-10 years.” The topic I chose is electric vehicles. Refer to the attached document for more detailed instructions. It is a combination of text, pictures, graphs, tables etc More details 2 Title Discussion on pricing for a consultant working for six months Assignment type Other types Discipline Psychology Description How will you determine the expected number or personnel hours needed to successfully implement your recommendations? How do you plan to bill the client, “Incredible Sports Gear”? Will you charge a set fee for your business to complete the contracted tasks, or will you charge on an hourly basis? Why did you select this method of billing? More details 3 Title editing Assignment type Essay Discipline Marketing More details 4 Title Course work case study Assignment type Coursework Discipline Management More details 5 Title HW 10 Growth and development Assignment type Coursework Discipline Psychology Description Young adults are under a lot of stress with their education, careers, relationships and possible families. What advice would you give to ameliorate the effects of stress to a young adult? Discuss Schaie’s stages of cognitive development in young adulthood– is this a good model to utilize? The Demographics of higher education are changing. Please cite some research that would support this contention. Careers, relationships and education are part of the young adult’s lives what is the proper “recipe” to keep them on their social clocks? With the cost of weddings why have they become such extravaganzas and parents/relatives are spending thousands? Do you see this trend changing How does a couple know when they are ready to have a child. What are some of the factors they should be aware of For the past 30 or more years the concept of outside the home childcare referred to as “Day care” is omnipresent given working parent(s). How do you know which childcare option is the right one? What are your thoughts. In our quest to have intelligent child, have we gone overboard with software and technology without knowing what the real pathways are and what is intelligence anyway? What advice would you give a friend who was becoming a parent of an adolescent? Why is this stage so difficult to parent? What are the biggest challenges facing Early Adults? What opportunities do they need to be successful? How do you know if you are ready for marriage? Middlle Adulthood is also referred to as the “sandwich generation” caring for children and aging parents. What skills does this stage need to balance these demands? What are some of the issues facing “Late Adulthood” and what is some of the research that is looking at this stage of life? More details 6 Title Hh Assignment type Term paper Discipline Economics More details 7 Title Express a real world collective decision problem in the terms used in class. Assignment type Term paper Discipline Economics Description so i’ll need you to choose a perfect topic and please you have to be familar with the principles of fair distribution and method of sharing. this is an economics course, public sector economics to be precise More details 8 Title Intimate Partner Violence Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology Description Describe the social issue in relations to Canada. Provide three sociological explanations as to why it is happening. More details