Essay Help: Inside Amazon (employee saticfaction) is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title MATLAB5 Assignment type Code Discipline Computer Science Description IF YOU DONT KNOW MATLAB, DONT BID FOR IT LIKE AN IDIOT. More details 2 Title Global Warming Assignment type Speech / Presentation Discipline Environmental Sciences Description I need 15 pages with at least 2 references and summarize your work in the end (No plagiarism please) More details 3 Title Significance Of Kansas Nebraska Act Assignment type Essay Discipline History More details 4 Title THE PROJECT Assignment type Essay Discipline Project Management Description Justify the investment in healthcare information technology projects based on return on investment, cost/benefit analysis, compliance with regulatory requirements, quality improvement, and decreased risk.View this information on the Master Patient Index before beginning this Assignment: Create a project charter using Microsoft Word that will be based on the following scenario: Scenario: You have just been placed on an IT project management team to develop a Master Patient Index (MPI) system. This 300-bed facility is currently using a paperbased system and is slowly making the transition to electronic systems. The system they want to purchase and manage is an electronic MPI system for the Admissions department. They want this system to be able to be accessed easily by other hospital departments (administrative and clinical). The systems should also have interoperability to work with their electronic pharmacy system and laboratory system (which went live 2 years ago) and eventually, with their E.H.R. product that they plan to select and implement within the next 5 years. Two people will be helping you on the project. One is a systems analyst; the other is a person who is very familiar with project management within the facility. Based upon the information provided, construct the project charter by following these steps in the process: Come up with a name for the project. Identify the project stakeholders, their roles, and their titles. o Provide a brief description of the project. o Develop the measurable organizational value (MOV) for this project. o Specify what should not be included in the project’s scope. o Identify some of the risks associated with this project. o Specify the project’s scope in terms of the high-level features or functionality that should be included in the MPI system. o Specify the resources that will be required and provide an estimated cost for each resource. (Be sure to include a reference or sound basis to justify the cost for each resource.) You are free to make assumptions as needed, but be sure to document them! At least 4 references. More details 5 Title master Assignment type Personal Statement Discipline Economics More details 6 Title Inside Amazon (employee saticfaction) Assignment type Case Study Discipline Management Description The research about the Orgnizational behavior More details