Essay Help: information system is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Written Assignment for Sociology Assignment type Literature / Movie review Discipline Sociology Description Select one of the following: a book, a movie, a TV series. You will be expected to sociologically evaluate the selected material. Do not summarize but analyze the material with sociological concepts . Use concepts and theories that you may use to explain the movie, the book etc. that you have selected. For example, has the class standing of the characters important to understand their experiences? Is it centered on ethnic/racial/religious or gender identities of people? What are the cultural norms you have observed or are there cultural conflicts? How does language and communication shape the interactions of people? Your answer needs to include following information: 1- This is not a summary of the material you are writing about. Do not fill up your space with details about the topic. The topic can be given in two-three short sentences. 2- You need to use at least three concepts that you newly learned in your analysis and demonstrate that you can critically use them in your analysis. 3- The concepts need to be integrated to the material to show the relevance (do not just define these concepts without showing their relevance to the material at hand). 4- How did your understanding change when you applied the concepts/theories to the material? Answering this question will show that you are developing a theoretical perspective to evaluate the world. 5- Assignment should be 2-3 pages, double space, times new roman 12 pt. I will not read after page 3. More details 2 Title nanocomposites based on cellulose and metal oxides and their high tech applications Assignment type Research Proposal Discipline Chemistry Description The synopsis will include introduction, materials and methods, objectives and literature survey etc More details 3 Title MSG Resevoir Assignment type Code Discipline Computer Science Description I have to create a website with 5 pages based on a theme of my choice. I decided to go with a NY Knicks fan page, I would like schedule information, links to Knicks highlights and everything the attached file is requesting More details 4 Title International Business Assignment type Essay Discipline Business More details 5 Title maths grade 8 term 1 exams Assignment type Term paper Discipline Mathematics Description transformations, percentages, fractions, decimals, roots, prime number, BIDMAS, Indices More details 6 Title assignment Assignment type Math Assignment Discipline Statistics Description when answering the questions answer accordly number them how it suppose to be More details 7 Title American Values/Conflicts Assignment type Proofreading Discipline Sociology Description Proofread, and make any necessary corrections. More details 8 Title Animal abuse is as important as child abuse Assignment type Other types Discipline Social Work More details 9 Title King Leopold’s Ghost Assignment type Literature / Movie review Discipline History More details 10 Title information system Assignment type Other types Discipline Business More details