Essay Help: How Drugs Affect my Community is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Business Ethics – Firestone Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Business Description Watch the Firestone video clips. Utilize the Internet and other research materials, as required. The clips examine the Ford-Firestone tire crisis that began in 2000 when the National Highway TrafficSafety Administration first warned manufacturers of possible defects in Firestone ATX, ATX II, and Wilderness AT tires. Analyze the case, the problem, findings, ethical issues, solutions, outcomes, etc. Type your document in Word, or similar software program. Save the editable copy for your records. Only save and submit a pdf document in the assignment link. The paper must be, five pages in length, double-spaced, 1″ margins, and footnotes required for any quoted material. Here, I am not necessarily asking for your opinion. I expect to see some research and review in response to these questions. Show some examples, as required: Quality in your ideas: A discussion of the Issue/problem to being considered A critical analysis of your thoughts stated clearly and described comprehensively. A critical analysis which presents a clear articulation and insightful analysis of the important concepts to be considered in making your decision to do something or not to do something. Use examples from the textbook chapter readings to help you in understanding the concepts and theories in making ethical decisions, and how your action or non-action can have an impact on the future and other related or non-related situations Your thought should be clearly organized. Use vivid and precise language that engages the reader. In other words, try to share something with the reader that will cause them to think more about the situation Develop a strong conclusion that shows how the course, your research, and readings have impacted your decisions to assist you in arriving at your final conclusions. [This part can be supported by the references you use]. It should also provide examples of ways in which you can apply the course materials and research in your personal and/or professional life Timeliness of submitting assignment using the actual due date, and the required Word Count. The videos to watch are listed below and can be found on Youtube and other related articles can be found on the web. * Firestone & Ford Tire Controversy; A Claymation Exploration (video) * * * *Dateline: Tire Recall – SD – FIRESTONE (video) I have also attached the Rubric so that you will know what to include so that I can get the highest grade possible. More details 2 Title Fin Paper Assignment type Essay Discipline Finance Description Goal: To apply the material learned in class to a real-world challenge or issue that may be experienced in students’ future careers as business managers Instructions: 1. Based on our discussion throughout the semester thus far, identify a challenge or issue that a business manager of a non-financial firm might face that falls within the financial management area of finance. a. Because this course focuses on the financial management of public corporations, specifically, choose a challenge/issue that is applicable and appropriate. The financial management challenges of a sole proprietorship, for example, will be different from the challenges of a much larger corporation. 2. Discuss the challenge you’ve selected in a logical and thorough format. I want to clearly see you think through the challenge/issue. a. Your discussion should include, at minimum: i. A presentation of the issue (discuss why the challenge/issue is a challenge/issue) ii. Who/what else might be affected? Will it affect stockholders in any way? Executive leadership? The firm’s operations? iii. Discuss a resolution for, or more realistically – a way to manage, the challenge/issue Additional notes:  Note that I am asking you to identify a challenge. The goal is not to think up the most challenging challenge possible but to see how you might interact with the concepts we’ve already discussed in a real world situation. o We’ve discussed plenty of topics that present challenges for financial managers. You can practically close your eyes, thumb through the textbook, and land on a topic that would be a decent choice for this assignment.  Your discussion should be well-rounded and thorough. Once you think you’re done, I recommend going back through it and see if you can expand your analysis even more. Think outside of the box. More details 3 Title psychology Assignment type Essay Discipline Psychology More details 4 Title Enrique’s Journey Assignment type Essay Discipline Social Work Description Character is Maria Isabel. Give a brief description of the person and setting for context in the introduction to your case study (be sure to reference the Nazario book). What is this person’s experience with poverty and oppression? Give appropriate examples as you describe her/his experiences. Using the ecological/systems framework, what micro, mezzo, and macro (or micro, meso, exo, and macro factors depending on which source you use), contributed to this person’s poverty and oppression? Be sure that you include a reference for this discussion, either Kirst-Ashman and Hull or the Ambrosino et al. chapter or both. What strengthens does the person possess that are enabling her/him to survive? Are those strengths being maximized by the systems (community) impacting the person? How could those strengths be used to overcome poverty and oppression? What recommendations can you make to help this person and other members in similar circumstances move out of poverty? More details 5 Title history paper Assignment type Coursework Discipline History Description Provide a title page with a title that matches the general thrust of your essay. Parenthetical citations are suggested. No need for Works Cited page The Chinese literati played a leading role in governing the Chinese empire during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Who were this elite, educated class of men? How did they achieve their position in government and also in society? Were the literati different in these two dynasties? In what ways did they differ? Can you provide some historical biographic examples to illustrate these differences? In what ways, would you say, were they the same? Did they face the same political challenges in the Ming and Qing? Give some concrete historical examples to evidence your answers. [There are four broad questions in this topic to which you should respond] Formatting Requirements: Minimum five full pages – maximum seven pages : provide page numbers Or: minimum 1,250 – 1,750 words : provide word count One-inch margins; 12 point font; Double spaced lines only More details 6 Title Write a program Assignment type Code Discipline Information Technology Description Please let me know if a programmer is able to write and complete the assignment uploaded. The file will be a .VLS (The writer will need to have Visual Logic software) I have the visual logic sign in which I will also upload, the instructions will be uploaded under (Assignment.png). The writer MUST make sure that the logic is effective and works per the instructions. Please let me know if such feat can be achieved, thank you. More details 7 Title How Drugs Affect my Community Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Social Work Description 1. Assignment: Study an issue in your community (teenage pregnancy, drugs, unemployment, etc.). Describe the development of a group for that population. Address the following issues in your paper: A. Brief Introduction B. Begin with sanction from the agency (how you will achieve sanction, etc.). C. The kind of group that would best serve this at-risk population. (include whether the group will be open or closed and give rationale for your choice) D. Leadership skills needed E. Membership recruitment F. Timeframe H. Location G. Physical environment I. Basic norms of the group J. The stages of the group and the expected process in each stage (group development) K Intervention and assessment skills used L. Ethical considerations for this population & how you would resolve any ethical dilemmas M. Termination N. Evaluation. Use of the strengths perspective should be included in this paper The paper should be no less than eight and no more than ten pages long (not including cover and reference pages). It must be APA style, typed, with one-inch margins, using a 12-point font and double spaced. You must use page numbers. You must back up your paper with a minimum of eight professional references, of which four must be social work journals. More details