Essay Help: HOMETOWN REPORT is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Restaurant Management Assignment type Coursework Discipline Management Description Write any Initial thoughts, take-aways, and reactions to the videos. 250 words per subject. Put the following titles above each section to clearly separate them. FloraBama: Joe Gilchrist Link: Culture that Rocks: Jim Knight Link: More details 2 Title ww1 Assignment type Essay Discipline History Description explain ww1 More details 3 Title Cumulative Thesis Essay Assignment type Thesis Discipline Social Work Description You are interviewing for a position with an organization to work as a grant writer. In your interview you’ve been asked to talk about the grant writing process. In essay format explain to the person interviewing you (imagine that they are HR but do not know or understand the process). This means you need to cover all the majors topics from this semester and weave them into a explanatory essay. Make sure that you have a thesis, transition sentences, and supporting points for your topics. The essay should follow standard MLA format (look it up if you do not know) • Times New Roman (TNR, 12pt font) • Include in text citations for quoted material Topics: • figure 1.1 supporting the problem (see attachment) • RFP explain writing a RFP and the purpose, and how it falls into the process • Purpose of letter of intent, what are the major parts • What is the purpose of a needs analysis • How do you do a strategic plan • Identify the difference of profit and non-profit (Synthesize material and put in own words) More details 4 Title Bioinformatics Assignment type Lab Report Discipline Biology More details 5 Title Cyberbullying Assignment type Essay Discipline Human Rights More details 6 Title Regional Trade Agreements versus Broader Global Trade Liberalization Assignment type Essay Discipline Economics More details 7 Title accounting Assignment type Lab Report Discipline Accounting Description You, the managerial accountant, are asked by the CFO (Mr. Smith) of Wilson–West Manufacturing (a new company) to set up a product costing system. The following are the types of expenses that will be included: Direct labor Direct materials Utilities Depreciation Maintenance Insurance on the equipment Rent on the plant Administrative salaries Rent for the office In a memo format, explain to Mr. Smith and the president what will be included in product costing. Explain what is involved in a product costing system. Explain why Wilson–West Manufacturing needs to have a product costing system. Allocate the above expenses as fixed, mixed, or variable expenses. Prepare calculations for the following, and explain your computations: Variable cost: The unit rate is $0.25, and the actual hours used for manufacturing are 15,000. Mixed cost: The unit rate is $0.25, actual hours are 10,000, and the fixed cost is $5,000 per month. Total cost: Use your calculations from above. Explain this to Mr. Smith who will prepare these calculations on a monthly basis More details 8 Title Statistics “Problem solving” Assignment type Other types Discipline Statistics More details 9 Title HOMETOWN REPORT Assignment type Term paper Discipline Environmental Sciences Description Hometown geology assignment Earth and the Environment The highlights: A. 3-page environmental report on a topic of your hometown B. Due December 1st at the beginning of class. Papers received after the deadline are late. C. You can ONLY turn in a copy through Canvas. D. Late papers are penalized 10% per day or fraction of a day. E. Academic dishonesty (including plagiarism, cheating, etc.) will result in a 0 for the assignment and possible referral to the Dean of Students and appropriate disciplinary action. You will write a 3-page report discussing an aspect of humans and the Earth of your hometown. The topic should be something local and familiar to you, but does not have to be exactly limited to your hometown. The report needs to cover an example of humans interacting with the natural world. Some possible topics include:  wastewater treatment  landfills  drinking water  water pollution  coastal erosion  flooding  geologic hazards mining, quarries  agriculture and erosion  groundwater pollution  energy (coal, windmills, dams, etc.) Spend some time defining your topic, but focus more on your specific subject. For example, if you choose flooding on a local river, do not write for 3 pages on what flooding is and how it affects humans. Spend more time detailing how flooding affects your area in this specific example. The three pages should be double-spaced with reasonable fonts (12 pt.) and margins (1 in.). References should be included and do not count to the page limit. Your report will be graded on the following aspects: 1. Scientific explanation of subject (70%) 2. Relevance to class (10%) 3. Quality of writing (20%) Some tips to keep in mind when you write: 1. Choose one topic (say, flooding) and write on that. Do not cover multiple topics as you will not be able to go into much detail for each one. 2. Try not to use quotations, but keep them to a minimum of a line or two and use only one or two. Unless you’re quoting someone like Shakespeare you could just as easily put it into your own words. This should be your words and thoughts, not someone else’s. IF you give a quotation, then you MUST give a reference. 3. Figures and maps are great and DON’T count towards the page limits. 4. Make sure each of your sentences has a noun and verb. 5. Never use contractions (“don’t”, “isn’t”, etc.) in scientific essays or other formal writing. 6. Use clear, strong topic sentences to begin your paragraphs. 7. If you make strong, specific claims or statements in your paper then you should have references. 8. Don’t exaggerate. If you say “the town was completely destroyed” then this is exaggeration unless the town was literally gone, with nothing standing. It is better to say something like “large areas of the town were destroyed” 9. Avoid these phrases in your writing. They are over-used and usually not needed: “It is obvious that…”; “It goes without saying…”; “As I said earlier…” “As you can see…” More details