Essay Help: history is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title biology questions 3 short answers Assignment type Coursework Discipline Biology Description answer all More details 2 Title health and human services, student success Assignment type Coursework Discipline Social Work More details 3 Title Question answer Assignment type Other types Discipline Management Description Please see the attached Question. To answer this Question You need to know what is Management Assertions. You also need to know audit procedures or techniques to gather evidence to support the assertions. Provide Three Audit procedures to gather evidence about account payable for each management assertion of EXISTENCE, COMPLETENESS, and VALUATION. ( I do not want any plagiarism) More details 4 Title Assignment 2 Assignment type Essay Discipline Marketing Description Implementation and Evaluation of a Sales Programme – use the same organisation as selected for Assessment 1- 3M company You should critically evaluate and develop the chosen company towards a world class sales organisation. How might the chosen organisation become and/ or remain a high performing sales organisation. Using the information, you have found you must illustrate how the selected organisation could/ should manage its sales function and implement and evaluate its overall sales programme with consideration to topics such as relationship management, recruitment & selection, training & development, motivation of sales people, market segmentation, formalisation of sales processes, development of enabling technology and integration of all its business functions. You should use appropriate theory/ frameworks/ models from literature (core texts and academic articles) and relate/ apply to the selected company under investigation. You must read widely around all the topics in the module. Ensure you justify statements and any recommendations. More details 5 Title history Assignment type Essay Discipline History More details