Essay Help: Flow charts is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Observation of Social Behavior Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Psychology More details 2 Title Business Process Model and Notation Assignment type Case Study Discipline Business Description There are 5 questions. and Q1 and Q5 need to draw the BPMN model. Q2,3,4should be write no longer than 2 pages with singled space. More details 3 Title diversity issue in health Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Biology Description Provide answers to the following questions in paper format. Your paper should include a introduction and conclusion paragraphs, and should be 4 pages long. Describe the relationship between medical care, secondary prevention, primary prevention, addressing the social determinants of health, and addressing the social determinants of equity using the “Cliff Analogy.” Define racism, and distinguish three levels of racism using the “Gardener’s Tale” allegory. Describe the relationship between “socially-assigned race” and self-rated general health status on the 2004 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. Identify the status of the United States with regard to the International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination. More details 4 Title business reflective log Assignment type Business Plan Discipline Business Description singled space More details 5 Title management of supply chain Assignment type Term paper Discipline Management More details 6 Title PHILOSOPHY Assignment type Essay Discipline Philosophy More details 7 Title OCD Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Psychology More details 8 Title education Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Education Description your university in Mississauga ,Ontario is excited to offer a housing option for incoming international undergraduate students. Newly arriving international students will be assigned to campus housing. Some international students choose to pay for on-campus housing but then live off-campus in an apartment or house. The university does not keep the residence halls open during breaks, therefore Operations Manager must make arrangements so kids can stay off campus during their traveling over the Canada. You have to make a research concerning cheap comfortable hostels (if there no hostels search for cheap hotels) with the following criteria and including the relevant information: 1. Location Information – Address – Easy access to the main streets and public transport – Easy access to the main city sights 2. Payment policy – Prices per person – Credit cards/pay checks 3. Accommodation Information – Rooms – Do they provide 24 hours reception? 4. Facilities: -24 Hour hot and cold water -Air conditioning -Colored TV -Cooking corner -Heating -Mini fridge -Wireless Internet connection -Credit card facilities -Information Desk -ATM machine -Free luggage storage prior to check-in 5. Contact information 6. Minimum number of hostels or hotels to be found: 15-20 7. Cost not higher than $120 per night. More details 9 Title Trouble in the Truss Construction Shop Assignment type Case Study Discipline Business More details 10 Title dynamic of violence Assignment type Article Discipline Psychology Description Need 1 page of summary and opinion of a peer reviewed article based on a specific type violence today in the media or in society More details 11 Title Written Assignment – Emotions Assignment type Coursework Discipline Management Description In this assignment, make some observations about co-workers in action. Study employees where you work. Pay special attention to how both emotions and personality impact work within organizations. Write a 2-page paper answering the following questions on what you have observed. 1. Describe the differences you see between the introverts and extroverts on the Myers-Briggs scale. (Remember this variable encompasses much more than just (quiet) versus (outgoing.) Use more description then just quiet versus outgoing. 2. What traits on the Big-Five scale can you see in your observations? Consider, for example, one’s level of agreeableness. 3. What types of workers are “agreeable”? Are they more effective than individuals who don’t exhibit these characteristics? 4. What types of workers would you rather manage? For example, what are the management implications of extroverts versus introverts, conscientious versus its opposite. 5. Use APA format and 2 cited sources. More details 12 Title Flow charts Assignment type Coursework Discipline Management Description i have an assignment with 4 questions. The deadline is tomorrow, flow charts has to be drawn for the questions in excel. More details