Essay Help: Ethics Assignment is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Excluding the included: A workplacy discrimination in relation to Fousault’s genealogy of racism Assignment type Other types Discipline Psychology Description This is an organizational analysis. the organisation of focus is Hammondcare. More details 2 Title Advertising Product Assignment type Essay Discipline Marketing More details 3 Title Marketing Assignment type Essay Discipline Marketing More details 4 Title japan and usa advantages and disadvantages during world war 2 Assignment type Coursework Discipline History More details 5 Title the stone age Assignment type Essay Discipline History Description 950-1100 words 2 sources 1 source must be book format : APA introducion,Thesis Statement, Paleolithic Period ,Mesolithic Period ,Neolithic Period and conclusion More details 6 Title renewable energy Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Environmental Sciences Description undertake a literature review on the topic and to write a research paper. Literature cited should include most recently published papers from journals as well as recent reports published by recognised institutions/organisations. More details 7 Title Psychology Assignment type Essay Discipline Psychology Description For centuries, people have believed myths and misconceptions about psychological disorders and the people who suffer from them. Modern psychological research has allowed us to correct some of these misconceptions. As a result, many people have changed their ideas about mental and emotional disorders. Think of a common misconception you have observed in society or in your personal experience. How could information from research be used to change people’s views of psychological disorders? How can this information help us to better understand people who experience mental and emotional disorders? In a multi-paragraph essay, describe the misconception you observed and discuss how information from research could be used to change this misconception about psychological disorders and the people who suffer from them. Be sure to include details from class materials, readings, and research on psychological disorders to support your discussion. More details 8 Title Summary of the chapter Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology Description Unit 2 comprises two sections. Write a summary on the content of each of these sections. Each summary should be about 350 to 400 words long. Answers the question in a clear, accurate, logical, and comprehensive manner. Where appropriate, gives examples to illustrate points being made. Format, Mechanics, and Style: Where external sources are referred to, they are appropriately identified and cited according to an established academic style. Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are used correctly. Style is appropriate for a university-level course. More details 9 Title Ethics Assignment Assignment type Term paper Discipline Business More details