Essay Help: Essay two is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Climate Change Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Environmental Sciences More details 2 Title Chapter 17 Young Children Assignment type Essay Discipline Education Description Attached Files: File APA Template.docx (20.494 KB) .. Chapter Presentation and Paper: 120 points I have completed the PowerPoint I just need the speaking notes. I will upload the PowerPoint and chapter. Each Heading should reflect the side and Titled slide one, 2 and so on. The speaking notes need to be 3 to 4 pages. Students will complete a presentation and paper on a chapter from the textbook, Assessment of Children and Youth with Special Needs (4th Edition). Students will create a PowerPoint presentation of the chapter including: questions throughout the presentation for the audience, audio-visual components, an interactive element, and lead a class discussion with a list of at least 5 discussion questions in order to determine your classmates level of understanding and thereby your thoroughness in covering the material. Creativity is welcome. Presentations should be thirty (30) to forty-five (45) minutes in length and include all sources used, along with a two (2) to three (3) page paper outlining the information. The assignment will be completed in APA format which includes a cover page, abstract and reference page. More details 3 Title history essay Assignment type Essay Discipline History More details 4 Title History of Societ Union Term Paper Assignment type Term paper Discipline History Description ll students will have also an additional assignment: a research paper (15-20 double spaced pages [12 size fonts] for undergraduate students on a history of the Soviet Union. This paper must be properly cited, using footnotes and bibliographies. Students must refer to the Chicago Manual of Style for proper citation form. If students fail to correctly identify sources, they risk committing plagiarism. Willful or unintentional plagiarism will result in failure of this paper and possible failure of the course. More details 5 Title Electric cars changing the world Assignment type Reports Discipline Environmental Sciences Description The question posed is “Analyze an incremental improvement to a current energy generation-conservation-remediation technology that will have a significant beneficial impact(>1% global) over the next 5-10 years.” The topic I chose is electric vehicles. Refer to the attached document for more detailed instructions. It is a combination of text, pictures, graphs, tables etc More details 6 Title Position Paper Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Sociology Description I want to write the paper about legalization of marijuana be repealed? More details 7 Title Essay two Assignment type Essay Discipline Business Description This is for the second essya More details