Essay Help: Empires of Mesoamerica is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Theories of Juvenile Delinquency Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Sociology Description Review the theories listed in your text regarding the causes of juvenile delinquency as outlined in chapters 3-5. Select the theory or theories (maximum of 3) you most clearly believe to be an accurate explanation of delinquency in this country. Spend 2 to 3 pages explaining the history of the theories and write about the studies that have been conducted. Based upon the theory or theories (maximum of 2) you have selected, write about the appropriate program(s) that would be most effective in preventing juvenile delinquency. You must name a SPECIFIC program. You cannot just say “effective intervention,” for example. The idea is that the theory and program need to be validly connected. If for example, you select a biological theory, then the treatment would involve diet, medication, exercise etc. The idea behind this assignment is to ensure that you can make an accurate connection between the theory and the prevention program. More details 2 Title Original intent on the founding fathers Assignment type Research Paper Discipline History More details 3 Title Starbucks case analysis Assignment type Reports Discipline Business Description consulting reports More details 4 Title Empires of Mesoamerica Assignment type Essay Discipline History Description Empires of Mesoamerica Empires of Mesoamerica Discuss the founding myth of the Aztecs and how it provided the Aztecs with sacred validation of their military state and the practice of sacrificing war captives. Describe the militarism of the Aztec state, the creation of military schools for the sons of both elites and commoners, and the adaptation of Toltec weapons into more efficient killing tools. Discuss the equation of success in capturing sacrificial victims with military rank. Blood and Flowers: In Search of the Aztecs Cite the film and the Von Sivers textbook. Initial post is due Sunday, November 20th, and at least two peer responses by Wednesday, November 23rd. More details