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In the light of the global industry changes the company is looking for opportunities to expand the business along with maintaining a leadership position in the online games market. To find a solution to this challenge we will use the following framework: 1. Understand the market, its size, growth rates, demographics and current industry trends. 2. Examine customer requirements and see how well NCSoft is prepared for meeting the needs of the marketplace. 3. Explore current product mix. 4. Compare distribution channels and their viability. 5. Analyze the competition and evaluate main opportunities and threats. 6. Look at external conditions and find ways to address arising issues. Current market trends in gaming industry. 2003 – 2008 compound annual growth rate by game market Online Mobile Video World 41% 37.2% 8.9% Korea 34.5% 21.8% 16.2% 2003 – 2006 online gaming market share change in Korea MMORPG Web board Casual 2003 51.6% 30.6% 8.9% 2006 44.8% 19.9% 16.2% Net change (6.8%) (10.7%) 7.3% Both online and mobile games markets are rapidly growing. There is also a noticeable shift in market shares within Korean online games industry from MMORPGs to casual games, which are developed for consoles as well as PCs. The trends suggest that NCSoft should look into these markets and evaluate its current position, resources and available options to make a decision whether it would make sense to move into mobile and casual gaming. Market demographics. We will identify target market demographics through understanding some of the needs that online and mobile games fulfill. 1. MMORPGs • Create a sense of accomplishment Ranking system establishes an in-game hierarchy and creates an ultimate goal to become the most powerful. Quest system rewards players for completing certain tasks (e.g. killing a monster or finding a secret treasure). These systems keep people involved. • Provide social interaction for its players Collaborating or competing with other gamers is unpredictable and, therefore, interesting and engaging. Due to these factors MMORPGs require high level of commitment and have a long average duration per session. They tend to attract hardcore gamers. 2. Casual games • Help people to relax These games do not require high level of concentration and typically have relatively small learning curves. • No commitment Causal games can be paused or stopped at any time with little consequences. It is especially important for people who don’t have lots of free time to play games. As a result, casual games are very appealing to women, who are not looking for challenges and competition, but rather for a quick entertainment. In fact, 74% of casual gamers are female. Casual games also include game applications used within social network websites, which are called Social Network Games. SNGs allow people to play with others within an existing network and include many different genres and styles, like simulations, arcades, strategies etc. SNGs are distinguished from other game styles by the fact that people interact both in the game and the network. Most of the SNG players engage in gaming with people within their friendship networks as opposed to MMORPGs where gamers interact with online peers outside of the offline network. SNGs use asynchronous interactions which means that players do not have to be online at the same time, it gives people more freedom to play for short periods of time and feel relaxed. 3. Mobile games: • Create a sense of accomplishment Unlike in MMORPGs, player’s accomplishments in the mobile games are expressed through the number of levels completed. • Are portable People are not bound by wires or internet connection, which means these games may be played anywhere and anytime. The only requirement for playing this type of games is having a mobile device. It explains its popularity and high market growth rate in the world. Distribution channels and pricing. 1. MMORPG: B2B: PC Bangs • Only common in Korea (about 25000 PC Bangs across the country) • Decreasing popularity due to following reasons ¬ Internet access on mobile devices. People use their phones for sending e-mails and checking Facebook instead of going to PC Bangs. ¬ Smoking ban inside of public places. Games who prefer to smoke and play at the same time stay at home. Koreans are switching to Multi Bangs and PlayStation Bangs which offer a wide variety of console games, karaoke services and cafés/bars. B2C: Directly to customers • Subscription: 15 CAD monthly • License: 60 CAD one-time • Free-to-play: free games featuring an in-game store Subscription-based model is being replaced by the free-to-play. In-game stores provide players with customization and hero boost opportunities. Developers rely on hardcore gamers who constitute 15% of all players. 2. Casual games Developed for PC and consoles and are priced between 10 to 50 CAD 3. Mobile games Mostly created for iOS and Android and are either free or cost up to 10 CAD More details 3 Title social psychology Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Sociology More details 4 Title Why we can’t wait Assignment type Essay Discipline History Description The paper should be 2-3 pages long. Dead line is on Nov 25, end of day. More details 5 Title biology Assignment type Admission / Scholarship Essay Discipline Biology Description admissions essay need to be perfect!!!!!!! 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