Essay Help: Diagnosis Paper is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Different englishes Assignment type Literature / Movie review Discipline Education More details 2 Title project management in small business Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Project Management More details 3 Title why marijuana should be legalized? Assignment type Essay Discipline Tourism More details 4 Title Memorandum Assignment type Coursework Discipline Business Description Paper 3 pages, double-spaced- You just got the job as the senior food toxicologist for a large, multi-national food company. Your company has just developed a new product. (You choose the product-food additive, GMO, dietary supplement, food contact material). You are asked by the CEO to prepare a short paper briefing him or her on the regulatory strategy for demonstrating the safety of the product to the FDA and to consumers. The CEO asked for the following information- Trade Name of Product Use of Product Target Populations Regulatory Statue under which it is approved/cleared for marketing/marketed Safety data required Fate and Transport of the Product Any environmental concerns A few sentences to use in the advertising of the product This is your big chance to impress your CEO so you want to do a good job.- A couple of things- you use the trade name of your compound (so don’t worry about figuring out chemical structures or formulations) – You will need a name for your company as well as your CEO. Don’t us real examples. Since it is an internal memo, you should use a memorandum format. More details 5 Title Argumentative essay Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Astronomy More details 6 Title accounting Assignment type Research Proposal Discipline Accounting More details 7 Title Book report elon musk by ashlee vance Assignment type Reports Discipline Marketing More details 8 Title What do you understand by the term ‘postmodernism’? Compare Jameson and Baudrillard Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology More details 9 Title management science and enginerring Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Project Management Description a paper that i need to publish on a conference. u can choose your own topic as long as it goes with project management 28-02-2017 More details 10 Title The Magnitude and Causes of Agglomeration Economies Assignment type Literature / Movie review Discipline Economics Description Write an approximately seven-hundred word, typed, summary of the attached article. Imagine you’re explaining it to someone who needs to know what has been written but does not have time to read it herself or himself. Please include, with proper accreditation, diagrams or tables based on the material presented in the text, although they do not count as part of the 700 words required. Explain what problem the paper addresses and why it matters. Explain what methodology is used, and, if appropriate, what data is used. Explain what the author’s main conclusions are. Give your own assessment of how significant, useful, readable, and well done the paper is. Provide a list of FOUR references in the CJE (Chcago) format. More details 11 Title Different Englishes literature review Assignment type Literature / Movie review Discipline Education Description From the very outset of this unit you need to be independently accessing and reviewing the relevant literature. Ongoing research and review will enable you to, not only develop a better understanding of the areas encompassed by the unit, but also will stand you in good stead for your final assignment. This assignment will be the culmination of all the work that you do in the unit and cannot be left until the last minute. For this final assignment you are required to construct a literature review that addresses key issues associated with the development of different Englishes and how these impact / interface with interpretations of language, culture and identity. Your review needs to encompass the writing of scholars whose work is considered seminal in the field but it should also include contemporary sources. Your review should address (but not be confined to) the work of the following authors: Michael Byram Suresh Canagarajah David Crystal James Gee Jennifer Jenkins Braj Kachru Claire Kramsch Alastair Pennycook Robert Phillipson These authors are well known, and are leaders in the field. Google Scholar and an Internet search will provide you with access to their ideas, their work, and also critiques of their work. It is important that you understand that in a literature review you need to synthesise information that you gain from reading relevant texts. In doing this you need to demonstrate the following:  Knowledge of the ideas / materials that you are reviewing.  An appreciation of where authors agree / disagree and why.  Knowledge of where issues remain contentious, where there are ‘gaps’ in the literature, and what these gaps are. As you engage with the literature, right at the outset, you will find it helpful if you develop an annotated bibliography that you can then use to inform the final construction of your literature review. The criteria for assessment are:  Understanding and exposition of relevant issues.  Structure and development of argument.  Presentation of relevant data.  Evidence of wide and relevant reading.  Evaluation and synthesis of material.  Standard of critical analysis.  Citation of references.  Quality of written English  Overall design and presentation. More details 12 Title microeconomis Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Economics More details 13 Title Diagnosis Paper Assignment type Essay Discipline Business Description Diagnosis Paper: The objective of the diagnosis paper is to give you some practice in looking at your life through an Organizational Behavior lens. For this assignment, you will reflect on an organizational problem that you are experiencing or have experienced. I use the term “organizational” quite broadly; you can write about an experience at a summer job, on a sports team, a school work group, or any other situation in which you worked with other people for the purposes of completing a collective task. Once you have selected an organizational problem from your present/past, you should describe and diagnose the problem using concepts from the course, outline the factors that contributed to the situation, and discuss how the concepts could have helped you and/or others deal with the situation more effectively. More details