Essay Help: Communication barriers in crisis management is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Essential chemistry for biology Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Biology Description REQUIRE TEXT BOOK : CAMPBELL ESSENTIAL BIOLOGY WITH PHYSIOLOGY 5TH EDITION ( SIMON, DICKEY, HOGAN, REECE) Note: 3 pages + work cited Follow the attach below More details 2 Title Snowden and Topics in Cyber Security Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Computer Science Description Surveillance- Snowden documents have revealed that the NSA is conducting research ( ) on both quantum computation and quantum cryptography. Other sources quote the use of antenna systems ( ) What are the long-term repercussions of this? With regards to Snowden leaks I just want to point out that I am expecting to see discussion of some more latest 2015-2016 disclosures such as what Google is doing lately, the emails related revealations made during the presidential elections, or the Panama leaks etc and not Snowden’s original 2013 disclosures. More details 3 Title Analyze the role of Indians in the creation of the European colonies Assignment type Essay Discipline History Description Write an analytical essay based upon the prompt and set of documents below and upload completed work into Blackboard through the link below. Worth up to 100 points. Requirements: Must use evidence from ALL of the primary source documents below and may use evidence from other primary and secondary materials in Units 1 and 2. Any essay not making use of evidence from all of the primary sources will be assessed a one letter grade penalty.. 2 pages in length, 12 point type, double-spaced, 1 inch margins Analytical, rule of three, style You should have at least 9 footnotes (parenthetical cites are not allowed) in the modified Turabian style used in this course (see Guide to Citation Style). Anyone not footnoting will loose from one-half to a full letter grade and may end up plagiarizing (at which point you will earn a 0 for the assignment and your work sent to Student Conduct (we are serious about plagiarism). Do not merely paraphrase other work (whether cited or not) as this is poor scholarship and does not reflect your thoughts and your analysis. Write an essay based upon the documents below (and any other sources from the course that you may wish to use) upon the following prompt: More details 4 Title Communication barriers in crisis management Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Business Description 17 page research paper; APA format; Can use graph and pictures if necessary. I will complete the title page, summary, and references page. More details