Essay Help: Cloning is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title apply theoretical concepts and models in corporate finance to the real life business insights and decisions Assignment type Essay Discipline Business Description I’m working on the canadian railway More details 2 Title should we elect the president by Electoral College votes Assignment type Essay Discipline Education More details 3 Title Toronto international film festival Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Management Description all information is included in the attachment More details 4 Title Gender and Leadership Assignment type Other types Discipline Management Description Based on your research, present an article that discusses gender issues in business. Analyze the key points of the article and make suggestions as to areas that need improvement. Examine key aspects of the country being discussed and the impact the culture may have on any gaps that may contribute to the concept of the glass ceiling. More details 5 Title critical paper Assignment type Coursework Discipline Psychology Description A critical paper – on a topic related to Child/Adolescent Clinical Development – This paper must include a discussion on gender and cultural differences. – This paper is to be 5-pages in length, – written in APA style (6th ed. Manual) with references cited in the body of the paper – include a reference page. Textbook: (Please Use) – 1. The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds by John Bowlby, Routledge; (2008), ISBN-10: 0415354811 – 2. Object Relations and Self-Psychology: An Introduction by Michael St. Clair and Jodie Wigren, Cengage Learning; 4th Edition (2003) ISBN-10: 0534532934 More details 6 Title HCI Summary Assignment type Reports Discipline Computer Science Description A 2 page summary of the major points of a HCI-relevant presentation (Presentation link will be shared) More details 7 Title In 1,250-1,500 words, describe the ethical implications of implementing religion or spirituality into therapy. Assignment type Case Study Discipline Psychology More details 8 Title Harley Davidson Assignment type Essay Discipline Business Description hi. I am taking integrated policy class, it is a class that cares about using strategies for companies to get profits. I have a writer who have wrote essay # 1 and 2 for me before , but she is kind of busy lately. I need someone who will write the third essay for me about the same company (Harely Davidson), which is a motorcycle company. I need it to read the instructions carefully and to use all required elements. Also, there are two PowerPoint slides to look at. Look at the instructions and you have to make most pages about (proposed strategy and present strategy). give me a good work and price. thanks More details 9 Title economics 202 price and theory Assignment type Coursework Discipline Economics Description need help with some of the coursework online More details 10 Title Cloning Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Biology More details