Essay Help: cases is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Shadow Banking Development in the prelim of 2008 financial crises. Assignment type Essay Discipline Finance Description -Write about financial institutions involved in shadow banking system. -Thoroughly describe Money Market Funds and Hedge Funds . -Describe financial operations performed by MMFs and HFs that indirectly influenced the outcome of the 2008 financial crises. -present the overall growth, size , volume of shadow banking activities in the world compared to US -Describe various positive and negative effects of the shadow banking system on health of the global financial system -describe various measures that could prevent shadow banking activities in the future – describe why various financial activities are shifting from traditional banking into shadow banking system , what drives it? Triggers? More details 2 Title history Assignment type Coursework Discipline History Description se the template provided. Answer in your own words; do not use quotations. In Part I, complete each grid box in 2-3 complete sentences. In Part II, complete each answer in at least 350 words. Include in-text citations and references. Draw upon the course materials and scholarly sources. Add space as needed Format the worksheet and cite the sources per APA formatting and citation guidelines. Proofread and edit for correct spelling and grammar. Submit the completed worksheet to the online plagiarism checker at the Center for Writing More details 3 Title Politics,Governments,and the Drug Trade:Past and Present Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology Description Developing a research question or declare a point More details 4 Title Mock Proposal on Abortion Assignment type Research Proposal Discipline Biology More details 5 Title IREAD Assignment type Essay Discipline Education Description iRead Book Assignment: 3-4 pages Read the book: Grogan, M. Educational leadership. (2013). San Francisco, CA: John Wiley and Sons ISBN 97811118456217 1. Include a summary of the book. 2. Select pertinent points in the book and how they relate to your professional life. 3. Include a section on your personal reflections of the book. What did you learn as a result of reading this book? More details 6 Title Java Program Assignment type Code Discipline Computer Science More details 7 Title cases Assignment type Essay Discipline Business Description In 1994, there was a widely publicized lawsuit against the McDonald’s Corporation in which an elderly woman, Stella Liebeck, sued McDonald’s for damages from the third-degree burns she sustained from hot McDonald’s coffee that she spilled on her lap while she was seated in her car. The case received so much publicity that it is frequently referred to today as an example of a “frivolous lawsuit” that hurts American business. Indeed, the “Stella Award” for frivolous lawsuits referred to in the article “The Mighty Quinn” was named after Stella Liebeck. In 2007, Roy L. Pearson sued Custom Cleaners for several million dollars of damages resulting from a lost pair of trousers. Research these two cases in 10-12 double-spaced pages compare and contrast the facts, law, and merits of the two lawsuits by answering the following questions. Include an introduction and a conclusion in your paper. 1. What are the facts? 2. What are the issues? 3. What law applies? 4. What did the judge and/or jury decide? 5. Did the judge and/or jury make an appropriate decision based on the applicable law controlling the case? Why or why not? 6. What are the ethical issues in the cases? Do the ethical issues differ from the legal issues? If so, how? 7. Both of these cases have been described as “frivolous” lawsuits. Based on your research what do you think? Is either one or both of these cases frivolous? 8. Regardless of what you think of the lawsuits, how could the business owners have prevented them? What advice can you give them for the future? Be sure to provide references for all information, including facts that you obtain from your research. More details