Essay Help: business weekly reflective log and journal is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title financial aid Assignment type Essay Discipline Banking More details 2 Title starbucks case Assignment type Reports Discipline Business Description using diamond e to analysis the case More details 3 Title The POARCH CREEK TRIBAL SYSTEM, AL Assignment type Essay Discipline Psychology More details 4 Title Economic Assignment type Essay Discipline Economics More details 5 Title Goat Concept Proposal Assignment type Dissertation Proposal Discipline Social Work More details 6 Title MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” Sumaary Assignment type Other types Discipline Business More details 7 Title Ozone layer depletion Assignment type Research Proposal Discipline Computer Science Description Need a method section.Below is the description on how to approach method section.Where new method proposal should be made. Materials and Methods The materials and methods section gives the technical details of how the experiments were carried out, including the types of controls used and where unusual resources (like a bacterial strain or a publicly available data set) were obtained. Reading the methods section is helpful in understanding exactly what the authors did. After all, if you don’t understand their experiments, it will be impossible to judge the veracity of their results and conclusions! This section also serves as a “how-to” manual if you’re interested in carrying out similar experiments, or even in repeating the same experiments as the authors did. The materials and methods section is most commonly placed directly after the introduction. But if you can’t find it there, check the end of the paper, just before the references, or look for a URL within the research article for a “supplementary information” section online. More details 8 Title Marketing Manager Interview: Assignment type Reports Discipline Marketing Description Marketing Manager Interview: The student will find and choose for themselves a marketing professional (alternatives are sales people or small business owners) to speak with in person or over the phone for about one hour. The student will choose their own marketing questions (about 10 to 15 questions) that the student finds’ most relevant to interview that professional about. After speaking with that person the student will turn in at least a one full page written (and a maximum of two full pages) summary on what ideas about marketing did they learn from speaking to that person which they were unaware of or did not know about marketing before. The student will also attach their questions and a written summary of the answers. More details 9 Title business weekly reflective log and journal Assignment type Creative Writing Discipline Business Description single spaced!!! More details