Essay Help: business is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Why shouldn't young adults use credit cards Assignment type Essay Discipline Statistics More details 2 Title How to Collection Assignment type Math Assignment Discipline Mathematics Description Create a collection of ideas that could be used to teach concepts from geometry, measurement, and data analysis curricula in the early childhood classroom. Select and use Georgia Performance Standards (from at least three different grade levels, at least one from Grades 4 – 5, and one from Grades K-3) that will assist you in writing your ideas. The “how-to” collection must include descriptions of a performance task, a cooperative learning opportunity, an activity involving active use of technology, a game, an activity integration a form of the arts (music, dance, etc.) and number sense/algebra, and an activity integrating children’s literature and number sense/algebra. Two of the ideas will focus on Geometry strand, two must focus on the Georgia professional standards Measurement strand, and two must focus on Data Analysis and Probability strand. The lesson ideas should infuse knowledge of student diversity to affirm and support full participation and continue study of mathematics by all learners. More details 3 Title Journal Assignment type Coursework Discipline Mathematics Description In an earlier journal, you chose a grade for yourself and explained how you planned on earning that grade. Reflect on the following self-assessment questions. Remember that this is a reflective writing assignment, so please respond to each question below with a few good complete sentences. • How are you doing? Assess yourself so far as a learner • Are you living up to your expectations • Are you accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself? • Could you be doing better? Problem Solving class More details 4 Title Cmgt 554 Assignment type Coursework Discipline Technology More details 5 Title Anomie versus alienation in the sociological imagination Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology More details 6 Title Richmond Engineering in China Assignment type Case Study Discipline Business Description The case of Richmond Engineering, a successful Vancouver-based entrepreneurial manufacturer of roadway light poles that has decided to expand into Asia. More details 7 Title Why shouldn’t young adults use credit cards Assignment type Essay Discipline Statistics Description I have an outline and essay due for the 29th. It’s an argumentive essay and will have to have citations in it. More details 8 Title business Assignment type Essay Discipline Business More details 9 Title Statistics Assignment type Math Assignment Discipline Statistics More details 10 Title business Assignment type Essay Discipline Business More details