Essay Help: Business is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title social work Assignment type Essay Discipline Social Work More details 2 Title infant/toddler observation paper Assignment type Coursework Discipline Psychology Description An infant/toddler/child Observation Paper – To complete this paper, observe a child and use a clinical theory to structure observations and to support the interpretation made about the behavior observed. – The paper is to be 4 pages in length – typed using APA style manual (6th ed.). Textbooks: (Please Use) – 1. The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds by John Bowlby, Routledge; (2008), ISBN-10: 0415354811 – 2. Object Relations and Self-Psychology: An Introduction by Michael St. Clair and Jodie Wigren, Cengage Learning; 4th Edition (2003) ISBN-10: 0534532934 Please use following instructions as guide for this paper: – D.W. Winnicott: object relation clinical theory – A boy approximately Six-year-old More details 3 Title The Lure of Luxury Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology Description At least 4 pages. Write a response to either Paul Bloom’s Forum or Michael Sandel’s forum. Please utilize two outside sources in your essay. More details 4 Title Incident Paper Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Computer Science Description PFA More details 5 Title Incident paper of SEC Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Computer Science Description PFA More details 6 Title project 1 Assignment type Coursework Discipline Management More details 7 Title essentials of business analytics Assignment type Coursework Discipline Banking More details 8 Title the bLack box experiment Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Chemistry More details 9 Title bud, not buddy Assignment type Other types Discipline Project Management More details 10 Title Financial Investment – Personal Financial Plan Assignment type Other types Discipline Finance Description Personal Finance – Group Assignment Individual Part allocated in attachment (highlighted) from table of contents Purpose of paper is to prepare a financial plan/personal investment for the client – deduct taxes – manage funds etc. – further information on task sheet More details 11 Title vehicles and drug dealing Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology More details 12 Title Business Assignment type Essay Discipline Business Description An essay needed for my English class. I need to talk about what I want to major in and that major is “business” I have 3 journal articles that need to be read and I need to write about the business writing skills and contain EXAMPLES, etc from all three sources. Any 3 journal articles that contain “business writing skills” this is an ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT, the subject is just focused on business writing skills. Format is linked below. NEED IT IN THE NEXT 12-15 hours. More details