Essay Help: Book Review of “The Remaking of Istabul” is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Henry II Assignment type Essay Discipline History More details 2 Title Does Memory Presuppose Identity? Assignment type Essay Discipline Philosophy Description / 2 PP 229 ESSAY 2: QUESTIONS, INSTRUCTIONS& GRADING INFORMATIONAnswer one of the following questions:1.What is Schechtman’s non-reductionist view of personal identity and how does it compare with Parfit’s reductionisttheory? Which approach is more convincing?2.Does memory presuppose identity? Explain why the question is important and attempt to answer the question,with reference to Parfit and Schechtman.Due dates and submission.Due Monday,Nov. 28.Submit to MyLearningSpace Essay 2dropbox by 11:59 PM on that date. After that time papers will be deducted 5 marks (out of 100) per whole or part day late, for up to five days, after which they receive 0. You’re responsible for seeing thatcorrectsubmission goes through before exiting MyLS. Format. 5pages, double-spaced, normal margins,12-pt Times New Roman font.Page length refers to actual textof your essay(i.e. notcounting anytitle/class/name information, your Works Citedsection, lengthy quotations, etc.).Do not putline-breaks between paragraphs; use indentation.Content and Sources. You mustread andrefer tothe actual philosophical textsand notonlytoeditors’ commentary and/or introduction, or class notes.The course textbook is the only permitted written resource for this paper. Any direct quote or paraphrase must be explicitly and properly referenced in your essay, and listed in a Works Cited section at the end of your paper. Citations/references.All quoted andparaphrasedpassages must be referenced in parenthesis in the body of your essay (e.g. Parfit, p. 22; Beebee and Dodd, p. 5, etc.). You must reference the actual author of the words you quote/paraphrase: give Beebee and Dodd’snames if citing/paraphrasing their commentary; give Schechtman, Parfit’s, only if citing/paraphrasing their words. Include a Works Cited page at the end; see Style Guide provided on MLS course pages for further info on citation.Plagiarism. Zero-tolerance. Information and adviceabout what academic misconduct is and how to avoid it are available here; you are expected to be aware of the details: Comments on your paper will be supplied in MyLearningSpace. You are expected to read these before embarking on the next paper, and to make a concerted effort to take up any suggestions for improvement.Failure to do this will affect subsequent essay grade.Continued next page Grading. Grading will be based on the following:(a)accuracy and sensitivity to the philosophical texts (it is imperative that you read and refer to the actual philosophical works and notmerely to the editors’ commentary and/or introduction, or class notes)(b)sensitivity to class lectures and discussions (while your essays are first and foremost about the philosophical texts, inability to correctly interpret or understand those texts due to ignorance of the content of class lectures and discussions will be penalized)(c)quality of writing style and organization (this is not a minor element of the paper; hastily written, poorly organized papers and/or those with consistent or egregious grammatical errors will receive a low or failing grade)(d)ability to follow instructions, as given here in this document and in the scheduled class on essay writing(papers that do not answer an assigned essay question or disregard instructions and advice on length, formatting, citations and references,style and content,will lose grades)(e)demonstrated awareness of and effort to respond to feedback onyour essay 1, including critical comments regarding style and/or content More details 3 Title Freshman in college are more likely to experience depression than seniors in college Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Psychology More details 4 Title Vision Impairments Assignment type Other types Discipline Education Description Please write answers which may be contained in points or in essay. 1. Write the definitions for blindness and low vision. 2. Describe the process of sight. 3. What are the major causes of visual impairment in children? 4. How does a visual impairment affect a child’s learning and development? 5. What are the teaching strategies, accommodations and possible assistive technologies for teaching students who have low vision? More details 5 Title Paper Assignment type Essay Discipline Philosophy Description This essay needs to be done by Monday at 5 pm. This essay needs to be 5 pages and go into depth about the politics of love and the concepts of hope and hopelessness. The two concepts need to be connected throughout the paper. More details 6 Title Book Review of “The Remaking of Istabul” Assignment type Literature / Movie review Discipline History More details